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JoAnn: You Must See This!

The ongoing “Kings of Texas” series is below.  We will continue to produce these to end The Austin MachineFor the sake of Liberty, we must put state government back on the side of the people and remove it from the elite ruling class and its hand-picked special interests who feed at the taxpayer trough.
“Kings of Texas: Window into the Austin Machine” overview from last legislative session, includes the late Andrew Breitbart; please click here:
“Kings of Texas: Part One – Your 4th Amendment Rights Under Assault” State Representative David Simpson sets the record straight on Dewhurst and the failed TSA bill; please click here:
“Kings of Texas: Part Two – Illegal Immigration: Failed Leadership” Maria Martinez, Immigration Reform Coalition, sets the record straight on Dewhurst and his record on illegal immigration:
If you like these outstanding videos, please support our efforts by contributing.  Each video costs about $800 to produce because we are using a professional small business videographer who must feed his family!  Grassroots America and Grassroots Texans make no money off this effort whatsoever, but we do need financial support to produce more to help inform the people of Texas about what is really going on in Austin.  We plan to produce more in this series leading up to and during the next Texas legislative session!
Please send any amount.  Every little bit helps!  Please note on your contribution “Kings of Texas” and your donation will be set aside for this ongoing project!
Advancing Liberty,
JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director (volunteer), Grassroots America – We the People
Chair – Advisory Committee to the TEA Party Caucus of the TX Legislature


Please note on your contribution “Kings of Texas”