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JoAnn’s Breitbart Texas Op-ed



It’s quite a “big deal” for our executive director to be invited to be a weekly op-ed writer for Breitbart Texas! 

Please be sure to follow the informative links embedded in her column.  (This is how JoAnn knows how to argue a point.  She studies issues to learn all she can about the facts.)  

The state of Texas is in crisis at the border, and it is spreading across the state.  Grassroots America is leading on this issue at the state level.  With this article, our voice has a great chance of being heard nationally. 

Please share the link to JoAnn’s op-ed with your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors.  They will learn something and will see the influence Grassroots America has earned! 


JoAnn Fleming: Why We Fought to Kill the Texas Solution

On Saturday, a coalition of grassroots conservatives led by TEA party coordinators beat back the so-called “Texas Solution” at the Texas GOP convention held in Fort Worth. The margin of victory was a spread of slightly more than 1,000 votes from a delegation of more than 8,500.

It didn’t take long for some on the right to join the liberal left in hurling the entirely predictable insults – calling us racists, chronic naysayers, and destroyers of the Republican Party.  Read more…