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Wow! Furlow Launches New TV Commercial

This TV ad underscores what Furlow has said throughout his race for county judge of the Commissioners Court:


“Unlike the current county judge’s 2007 action, I’ll not vote myself a $10,676 raise my first year in office, nor take another $12,400 raise as Joel Baker did in 2011 while cutting 33 jobs and cutting funding for county roads and law enforcement. I’ll never put myself ahead of the men and women who make the operation work every single day because it destroys morale, damaging the county’s ability to deliver the highest quality services at the very best price. It’s not the right way to treat your people — ever! 

To turn things around to put county government on the side of the people, I will:

1) reduce the base salary to $72,000;

2) develop a complete long-range business and road plan;

3) attract and keep high quality county employees who are respected and accountable for high quality work;

4) implement zero-based budgeting (all budgets start at zero; all spending will be justified);

5) work with Sheriff Larry Smith to keep safe vehicles for our law enforcement officers and to hire and retain the best officers to protect your life, liberty and property;and

6) make closed-door sessions rare to bring the People’s business out in the light of day.”