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Info: Last Chance to Vote!

If the appraisal notice you got last week made you angry, or if you’re just fed up with rising property taxes, please vote! The folks who love to get inside your wallet will be voting for their favorite “Santa Claus” candidate or bond projects – which may have well have nothing to do with improving academic results (but makes people feel good to “do it for the children”.) Don’t vote in local elections, but think your property taxes are too high and education could be better? Then just look in the mirror to see where the problem starts – with you!
Last day to vote in local bond elections, school board elections, and city mayor/council races is this Saturday, May 10. Polls open from 7 AM – 7 PM.
For a sample ballot to determine what you are voting on and where you vote, click:
Scroll to the bottom of the page; select the drop-down menu to choose your voting precinct, which will pull up a sample ballot and your polling place.

Speaking of “doing it for the children,” just look at the bills the adults are piling up in 20- and 30-year bond debt! Did you know that of the 10 largest states in the nation, Texas’ local debt per person ($7,500) is the 2nd highest, behind New York ($8,744) and ahead of big-spending states like California ($6,469), Illinois ($5,510), and Michigan ($4,853)? (Source:  Texas Public Policy Foundation). Sure hope those kids get a good job to pay off all that debt on their future homes and businesses! How did this happen? The adults actually believed it when local leaders told them these bond elections were like getting schools for “free” and it wouldn’t raise taxes. Ooops! They put it on a giant credit card!


Provided by the Texas Comptroller’s Office 

Use These Resources to Help Prepare
for Local Bond Elections

Few Texans voted early in these 2014 local elections where taxpayers will collectively vote on $6.7 billion in bond proposals. Turnout for these elections is usually very low. These elections affect every Texan, and the Comptroller’s Tell the Truth Texas website makes it easy to learn a bit about the local bond election process and local bond initiatives before casting your ballot.
Local Bond Election Process
We created a step-by-step video, (click here) “A Taxpayer Timeline for Local Bond Elections,”  to guide you through the information local governments must make available in the days and weeks leading up to local bond elections. We encourage all taxpayers to watch the video, learn about the election process, and share the link with friends who may want to learn more. 

Local Bond Election Initiatives
Do you know which local bond initiatives were proposed in your community? If not, or you would like to learn more, visit the (click here) Upcoming Bond Election Roundup at Tell the Truth Texas. There you’ll learn which bonds are proposed and how much they cost. You’ll also see how much debt is already on the books!
Smith County Local elections for Saturday, May 10. By law, school board and city council races are non-partisan. Identification by party affiliation is prohibited.

Place 1
Tony Johnson, Incumbent
Jon Jacobs
Place 3
Richard Burrow, Incumbent
Dr. John Alexander
CHAPEL HILL ISD (The following is for information purposes only. Because Grassroots America does not yet have a consistent watchdog group of Chapel Hill ISD taxpayers, the Board will not take a position on the bond election.)
Proposition: “The issuance of $23 million of bonds by Chapel Hill Independent School District for the acquisition, construction and equipment of school buildings and levying the tax in payment thereof.” For info, go to:
For information regarding the current bond compared to the $31.2 million bond proposal defeated last November, we were e-mailed only one contact – Tammy 903-714-0023.  We could not find any other websites with details about this issue or about the candidates.

Chapel Hill ISD Board of Trustees Place 4
Fred Elder, Jr.
Tammy Humes
Place 2
John Droblyn
Clyde Harper, incumbent
John Whitsell, incumbent
Bill Lacy
Joel Rando
Martin Heines – endorsed by Grassroots America. Click here for more info.
District 4 Council
Eleno Licea
Don Warren – recommended by Grassroots America. Click here for more info.
TYLER ISD – Click link below for district lines; check voter card for your district number.
Single Member District 2
Orenthia D. Mason, incumbent
Cedrick L. Granberry Sr.
Single Member District 5 (unexpired term)
Barbara Ann Smith
Ross Strader (appointed by the TISD Board)
Rusty Smith, incumbent
Lyna Diane Strou
Alderman, two places, at-large
Pat Schlau, incumbent
Michael Jones, incumbent
Randy Haney
Robert Sabens
Rick Parker
Place 1
Patrick D. Moran, incumbent
Brent Bockmon
Place 2
Howard Y. Patterson, incumbent
Tom Connor
Place 3
Darrell Crymes, incumbent
Hank Gilbert