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Louie Gohmert’s Report Card


JoAnn says, “If you have not reserved your seat for the August 9 Birthday BBQ Bash for Congressman Louie Gohmert, I urge you to do it now! If you still believe in conservative principles, but are the least bit unsure about whether or not you should make the effort, I’ve put together a little report card below. I’ll never ask you to do what I’m not willing to do myself, so The Mister and I are proud to help sponsor this event to support our A-rated Congressman Louie Gohmert. I hope to see you there! Individual seating is $40. Louie’s special guest is Glenn Beck. Click here to reserve your seat now.

The Conservative Scorecards


We follow, study, and therefore trust the conservative rating system used by

Heritage Action (the action arm of The Heritage Foundation)

and Conservative Review  to rate US Senators and House Members.


The following table shows scores of our “home” base of Congressional Districts. Grassroots American members and supporters across the state should use the links below to look up ratings of other US House members who represent Texas in DC. (It’s also fun to look up the scores of some of the bigmouth Republicans who talk about unity and denounce conservatives as “fringe.” One that springs instantly to mind – Congressman Peter King of New York – an F-rated Prince of the GOP featured frequently as a fount of wisdom on Fox.

To see the Heritage Action Scorecard for all Senate/House Members, click here.

To see the Conservative Review Scorecard for all Senate and House Members, click here.


Look at the scores closely and see where these men “hired” at the ballot box stand.

The average Republican scores (below) show why we are in the mess we are in. Most Republicans do not stand firm for conservative, constitutional principles.


Average Heritage Action conservative score for US Senate Republicans is 58% and

for Senate Democrats, 8%.

Average Heritage Action conservative score for US House Republicans is 67% and

for Democrats, 14%.