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Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Raises Legislative Stakes with Nuclear Option, Lt. Dan is “all in” for Special Session

Dan Patrick is a hard-working, prepared, proven leader who shows up on the front lines of a battle for principle and is never afraid to stand up and speak up.

We don’t have to look under desks to find our Texas Lieutenant Governor. Lt. Dan doesn’t do “drive by” leadership. He’s not looking down from 10,000 feet or waiting on more information. He knows what he believes and why, and he’s out front framing the debate and doing what he promised he would do – fighting to make Texas stronger and fighting for Texas values.

“Lt. Dan” stood up for Texans yesterday when he made it clear that he’s willing to stay ALL SUMMER in special session after special session if the House leadership doesn’t get busy passing conservative reform bills.

Lt. Dan and the Texas Senate have been busy passing key legislation, while the House Speaker and his sidekicks (the F-rated Rinos) stall, whine, and do everything they can to team up with Democrats to thwart conservative reforms and pro-liberty bills.

Thanks to the Texas House Freedom Caucus, Lt. Dan has additional leverage, and he’s using it to put pressure on Speaker Straus and to tell Gov. Abbott he’s willing to fight for property tax reform, the Privacy Act, and many more bills the House leadership is sitting on.

Watch Lt. Dan spell it out at his Wednesday, May 17 presser.

A huge Texas shout out to Lt Dan for standing on principle and pushing the House to pass strong property tax reforms and privacy act before session ends. #StandwithLtDan

Posted by Grassroots America: We The People on Wednesday, May 17, 2017