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New Supporter Challenge for $5000

We have exciting news! First, here are a few important items Grassroots America is working on while you’re taking care of kids, grandkids, a home, a business and living your life…

The Texas state legislature is now in full swing! At stake are property tax reforms, a ban on dangerous sanctuary cities, badly needed reforms to stop voter fraud in Texas, religious liberty bills to protect pastors and our Freedom of Speech, rolling back regulations on small business, revived commitment to law enforcement, and renewed pro-life efforts to save lives. Grassroots America is providing hearing testimony and working with the House Freedom Caucus and the Senate Liberty Caucus to pass critical reforms and kill bad bills!


Added to this work load are pressing federal issues – the right bill to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a free market, patient-centered bill, pressing for tax reform and the roll back of job-killing regulations. We’re diligently monitoring Congress to make sure they are working with President Trump to finally secure our border, end unfettered refugee resettlement, and put American citizens first!


We’re also gearing up for the March 2018 primary election cycle, which will see several hotly contested local and statewide races.


Grassroots America has a solid reputation as the leading conservative political voice in East Texas and is rapidly becoming one of the strongest voices across the state.


To recognize and support this brutally hard work, a very generous new supporter in the DFW area just made a $5,000 fundraising challenge possible!


These funds will allow our executive director to work with a social media expert to create, launch, and manage an aggressive strategy to help us grow our influence locally, regionally, and across the state! We’ll be able to better educate and mobilize hardworking grassroots activists, including a whole new generation of millennial patriots to fight the well-funded radical left!


Won’t you please help us beat back the newly energized Radical Left, the fake news enablers in the national media, and the establishment GOP?


Every dollar you give to this effort will be matched up to $5,000! Can I count on you to help us meet this challenge and fight the radical left by pitching in $20, $50, or $200? Your $20 will become $40… $50 will become $100…$200 will double to $400!  We can do this! Click here to visit our donation site now!


Respectfully Serving,

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director

Grassroots America – We the People