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Nov. 3rd Early Voting & Election Information


It’s Time to Vote!

We take the time to do the research
so you don’t have to!

For early voting dates, times and locations, click here. 

For Election Day voting locations, click here.

For an interactive map showing voting locations, click here.

Sample Ballot for City of Whitehouse elections & propositions, click here.

Sample ballot for Overton local option election, click here.

Sample Ballot Van ISD bond election, click here.

State constitutional amendment sample ballot with recommendations, click here.

Even though we recommend a vote “for” all but one amendment, you should know the truth about what the amendments really mean because there is much unfinished business for the Texas Legislature and for the Governor and Lt. Governor. For State Constitutional Amendment in-depth analysis and the non-fairy tale version about what the property tax and transportation amendments really mean, click here.


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