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ObamaCare ruling Reignites Liberty!


Elections have consequences. Today, the US Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare – not as constitutional under the commerce clause of the Constitution – but as a tax on the “We the People!” President Obama and the Democrats repeatedly declared this law was not a tax; yet, when their attorneys presented the case to SCOTUS, they stated the law’s constitutionality in fact rested on the federal government’s authority to tax! Five of the nine justices agreed. Justice Kennedy proved not to be swing vote. Instead, it was Chief Justice Roberts who sided with the more liberal SCOTUS members.

Grassroots America Board Member Joey Coker says it well:

Let’s summarize the June 28, 2012 events of today, a day that will live in infamy.

1.This is the largest tax in U.S. History. If you don’t follow the mandate, you will pay a tax and the IRS will enforce it through fines and take your private property (your hard-earned money).

2.Liberty has been lost forever without a repeal. (If we don’t get a President and Congress to overturn this, the government can tax/control all parts of your life. This is only the beginning.)

3.If you are a taxpayer, then you should be afraid – your income and net worth are under even greater assault! (Disposable incomes and net worth are already down drastically!)

4.If you own a business, you will look at cutting costs – not expansion. (higher unemployment.)

5.If you are an employee, your employer is likely already worried about his/her business and you are closer today to being a liability rather than an asset than you were this time yesterday.

6.This has happened to our country because we have gone to work every day, not paying attention, not getting involved at a grassroots level, and hoping that some stupid politician would do the right thing.

7.There is hope if the American people wake up and live true to our American values and Constitutional freedoms.

8.God is in control, but faith takes action.


This is a turning point for the country. Previously asleep people who believe in America, freedom, and justice have a decision to make.

Will you now stand up for yourself and your children, or will you continue to sit back and hope it all works out? (It will work out – one way or another, but Liberty may not survive.)

Will you assume that someone else will fix the problem since you “don’t like” politics? Where has that gotten you?


  1. Give your time and money (even a small amount helps!) to credible, constitutional conservative grassroots groups with a record of standing on principle. Since February 2009, Grassroots America – We the People (made up of unpaid volunteers) has only grown more effective and sought after as solution drivers. We call it as we see it – on both parties. We have repeatedly demonstrated that we will not cave to the Republican establishment machine. Go to www.gawtp.comto sign up for our alerts and see our calendar of events. We welcome everyone who loves Liberty, stands on constitutional conservative principles, and believes this country is worth saving!
  2. Pray diligently!!
  3. Educate yourself. Don’t be ignorant, naïve, or lazy in defending Liberty!
  4. Please don’t whine and complain to me ever again if you do nothing.

Now is not the time for apathy or despair.

Grassroots America calls upon all who share our love of liberty to stand up and fight for the God-given rights you claim to believe in – and to fight today, tomorrow, and every single day, until the battle is won, or the last breath leaves you.
Conscience, Liberty, and Providence demand we take action – not merely bellyache.

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might…” – Ecclesiastes 9:10