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Our Supreme Court Brief

Dear Patriot, 

          On February 13, 2012, the Project Liberty Amicus brief was filed on behalf of 295 individual citizens asserting their Constitutional rights seeking a declaration from the United States Supreme Court that Obamacare is unconstitutional and should be declared void in its entirety. 

          Thank you for your steadfast support, your courage and your love of liberty. 

          Here is a copy of your brief which was filed on your behalf by The Justice foundation and a wonderful team of cooperating attorneys.  I want to particularly thank Steven Fitschen of the National Legal Foundation, and Kathleen Cassidy Goodman for their assistance on the brief.  Special thanks to Professor Steven Presser of Northwestern University and also other lawyers who contributed significantly to the writing and research were Eric Welter and John Lindsay Bower.  They have and deserve our gratitude.  Eric, Lindsay, and Kathleen are Distinguished Fellows of The Justice Foundation and have worked on other projects as well. 

          The case will now be argued before the Supreme Court for three days, for a total of six hours of oral argument, in March 2012.  This amount of oral argument is unprecedented in modern times, although the Supreme Court used to spend a whole day on important cases and sometimes more. 

          Our brief agreed with the State Attorney General’s and the National Federation of Independent Business that the Act was unconstitutional on Commerce Clause grounds.   However, we did not spend much time on this, since numerous other parties had briefed that issue in great detail.  Such a brief on our part would have been merely cumulative, a “me, too” brief.  The unique aspect of our brief, and which is a contribution that either we alone or few were able to make, but which was appreciated by other parties, is that we added the additional claim that if the Act was not struck down on Commerce Clause grounds in its entirety, then the religious liberty of individuals who oppose abortion on religious and moral grounds would be violated.  

          The timing of President Barak Obama and Kathleen Sibelius’ directive forcing Catholics and other persons of faith to provide insurance that covers abortion pills, and sterilization, against their conscience, greatly benefits our brief.  I believe that this vast overreaching by the federal government will encourage the conservative members of the Court to strike down the entire healthcare law.  If the Act is overturned, then the regulations fall, since they were only authorized to implement Obamacare.

           The Appendix has your names.  We did not use last names because so many people indicated they did not want to use their full names.  In addition, we used some people’s quotes from their contracts in the early pages of the brief to show the interest of Amici.  We could not show everyone’s comments because of page limitation. 

          Please click here to view our complete press release. 

          It has been an honor to serve you.  The only thing that can be done now is prayer for the Supreme Court to do the right thing.  Pray for our nation that the God who gave us liberty will have mercy on us.  

Very Truly Yours, 

Allan E. Parker