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Executive Summary 

For too long constitutional conservatives have allowed others to define them before the public, it is time for that to stop. This document presents a proposal to develop a Communications Team (CT) with the mission of effectively and efficiently improving internal and external communications of GAWTP among all demographic targets. The CT will be organized into four divisions of focus and activities: Content (identification and development of educational information for targeted or widespread dissemination), Rapid Response (executing rapid dissemination of information at the direction of the Executive Director), Social Media (training CT members in use of social media for effective dissemination of information) and Watchdog Groups (facilitating communication with watchdog groups). The leaders of the CT and its divisions will serve as the steering committee, but ultimately many team members will be needed to accomplish the overall mission. This proposal provides details about the organization and activities of the CT, presents a preliminary action plan, and identifies resources that will be needed. 


The mission is to develop a communications team to effectively and efficiently improve internal and external communications of GAWTP among all demographic targets. 

Our vision is to be the best, proactive grassroots communications team in Texas. 


Organization of the Communications Team  

The Communications Team (CT), through a Director, will be directly responsible to the Executive Director and Board of Directors of GAWTP. The CT will be divided into four divisions: Content, Social Media, Watchdog Groups and Rapid Response. Each division will have a leaders or co-leaders. The CT Director and the division leaders will constitute a steering committee for the CT. Ultimately a large number of team members will be needed. The overall organization of the CT is summarized in the following chart.

Following are general descriptions of the purposes or functions of the five areas of organization of the CT (i.e., the CT Director and the four divisions of the CT). Also listed are names of individuals who will initially serve as leaders/backups and serve as the steering committee. 

  • Communications Team Director (Mack Humphreys/Bob Brewer)
    • Be the lead contact and coordinator for the entire CT within GAWTP, and in interactions with other communications teams outside of the organization.
  • Content Division (Mack Humphreys/Jim Schwane)
    • Lead in locating and developing relevant and high-value information for targeted or widespread dissemination.
  • Rapid Response Division (Becky Phillips/Mack Humphreys)
    • Lead in rapidly responding to issues and events, working closely with the Executive Director of GAWTP.
  • Social Media Division (Natalie Wade/open)
    • Lead in training CT members in use of social media for effective dissemination of information.
  • Watchdog Groups Division (Bob Brewer/open)
    • Coordinate and facilitate communication with watchdog groups.