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Strategy against current HealthCare Reform

The proposal in play here is as old as time, and we need to be able to see clearly through it. It’s simply a matter of ‘bait’ them with the most socialist form of health care imaginable and if/when the masses balk, move to the ‘next best’ plan—the ‘Cooperatives’ (or some other equally intrusive government plan).

There is one, and only one, option for us to pursue in the coming days and weeks to stop this government takeover of our lives and that is a FORCE OF ACTION THAT CAN LITERALLY TRIGGER A ‘VIRAL’ GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT ACROSS THIS COUNTRY!

An ambitious goal like this can only be achieved if we have 100% cooperation from the entire GAWTP group by following a few steps that will include some work on our parts but would create a nationwide network that will ultimately produce the perfect “firestorm” across this country –a firestorm with heat that would be felt throughout the halls of Congress and the White House! We’ve witnessed loud voices from concerned and frightened citizens across this country, but a coordinated ‘viral’ movement hasn’t happened yet, but it should… and it could – right here in Tyler , Texas through GAWTP!

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