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Pastor says Church Must Rise Up & Grand Jury Speaks Out

This project exposes the inaccuracies of previous information concerning the dismissal of the felony indictments handed down by two (2) separate grand juries in this one (1) Harris County arson case and the makeup of the members of the 1st grand jury. Those factors alone are enough to raise eyebrows and questions about what actually happened in this case.

An earlier quote by the jury Foreman indicates how many feel, “If this was David Medina, truck driver, from Baytown, Texas, he would have been indicted 3 months ago.”

The credibility of the 1st grand jury members and the confidence they still have in the indictments they handed down would never been revealed if not for the eight (8) jurors who exhibited the moral clarity to stand on principle and speak about the cronyism and corruption they witnessed in Harris County while serving their community as grand jurors.

Meet the Jurors and other Cast of Characters – you be the judge.  Was this a “Runaway Grand Jury…. or Runaway Justice?”  Go to