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Paul Ryan as the VP – Why He is a Great Choice

Don’t send me an e-mail or a text reminding me of everything Paul Ryan has done wrong. I know all about his vote for TARP and some of the bailouts. I long ago gave up looking for perfection this side of Heaven. With Obama issuing executive orders right and left, our borders open, Europe melting down, five big banks again teetering, raging inflation ahead, unemployment inching up, federal regulation of farms, ranches and timber land springing up, and taxes about to explode, I’m looking for leaders with backbone who love this country, who understand our rights come from God – not government, who don’t covet what other people have, who don’t think government is the solution to every problem, who understand we are about to lose this country and have a plan to save it.  I’m looking for a team that can win. 

A dozen reasons Paul Ryan is a great VP choice: 

  1. He is not a boring, stiff-shirt, elitist member of the establishment GOP.
  2. Liberals hate him. When your opposition hates you that much, you can count on them to do and say really crazy things that simply make them look…well, bonkers. Liberal media types hate Ryan so much they’re actually spending time criticizing what he wears and reporting when he doesn’t wear a tie. Again…bonkers.
  3. He’s not a wimp.
  4. Unlike most policy wonks, Ryan has a unique ability to take complicated budget and policy issues and make them understandable.
  5. He has a strong debate style that drives his point home without losing his sense of humor. In other words, Ryan doesn’t look bonkers.
  6. He is deeply pro-life, pro-traditional values, and pro-religious liberty.
  7. Ryan knows and clearly proclaims our rights come from God and not from government.
  8. He not only had to work as a young man, but wanted to work. Ryan drove the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and worked at fast food joints to help make ends meet. These jobs alone give him more private sector experience than President Obama.
  9. Paul Ryan elevates the discussion. Ryan’s budget and conservative policy solutions to big government put real issues on the table. Medicare and Social Security are always used by the left to scare senior citizens. Talking about it now in terms of “the Paul Ryan plan” puts the left on defense. Left in its current state, Medicare plundered by ObamaCare will end Medicare as we know it. Ryan’s plan is to preserve Medicare for those 55 and older. For those younger, his plan emphasizes personal responsibility and competitive choice in healthcare to reduce costs for future generations.
  10. Paul Ryan ramps up enthusiasm among grassroots conservatives and has made Romney remarkably better on the campaign trail. Crowd turnout is dramatically up.
  11. When he speaks, Paul Ryan’s core beliefs are evident. He doesn’t need a teleprompter or to read from written notes to say what he deeply believes and why he believes it. 
  12.  He is not Tim Pawlenty.  : ) 

Paul Ryan in action: “Hiding Spending Doesn’t Reduce Spending” video takes ObamaCare apart in less than 6 minutes: