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“Texas Action” Launches

Texas Action Launches!

American Majority Action (AMA) announces the launch of TX Action. As the Texas branch of AMA, a national 501c4 organization promoting conservative principles and statesmen, TX Action will engage both online, at, and off, to encourage grassroots involvement, starting with this year’s Republican primary election.

The efforts that TX Action undertakes will not be unilateral endorsements and independent expenditure campaigns. TX Action will work with grassroots organizations and community leaders across Texas in an effort to further engage conservative activists and empower individuals to exercise a more powerful voice in the political process. 

“As we look forward to the 83rd legislative session it is important that we send a crop of conservative Representatives to Austin who understands the problems we face, grasp the difficulty of the solutions they must enact, and possess the fortitude of conviction required for principled action,” said TX Action Executive Director Raz Shafer. “It is critical that Texas’ voters be heard and we look forward to working with conservatives across the state to amplify their voice.” 

“There is no doubt the conservative movement has the best ideas. We know this. Individual liberty, the free markets and free enterprise system and the belief that the smaller the size and scope of government, the more freedom we have as citizens to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” said AMA President Drew Ryun.

“What we have not had much of in the past is action: taking our ideas into the trenches of politics and winning because those who win in politics make policy. For years, we conservatives have had the equation backwards. But just winning elections doesn’t count. Winning elections and holding elected officials accountable is when we as conservatives start winning. This is why we are launching in what we think is one of the most critical states in the Union. As Texas goes, so goes the nation.” 

TX Action is partnering with a number of TEA Party and conservative activist groups to organize election headquarters, block-walking, phone-banking, and online advocacy initiatives supporting conservative candidates. In addition to traditional election tools, TX Action will deploy Gravity mobile canvassing technology ( in an effort to introduce a higher level of sophistication and efficiency to our election efforts.

In further describing the effort, Shafer stated, “I’m excited to bring the model of Liberty Headquarters and TEA Party partnerships that AMA has proven so effective on the Federal level to Texas legislative races. I am confident that when we combine the passion of Texas’ grassroots activists with our mobile election technology, the result will be significant conservative victories in the primary election!” 


Texas Action is a project of American Majority Action (, a conservative, 501c4 non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of conservative principles and statesmen. As the Texas arm of AMA, TX Action works with grassroots conservative organizations to promote conservative candidates in both primary and general elections.