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Why Grassroots America spent hours & hours on this information:

Four of your neighbors may not vote in this important primary.  The power of your vote could be multiplied 5 times!  Often, less than 20% of voters know enough or care enough to vote in a primary election, which means less than 10% is a majority!

Texas is in trouble. If “We the People” don’t get up off our backsides and do something about it soon, it will be too late. The stewardship of Liberty is a moral issue. Every single one of us is accountable for what we do with God’s blessings, and that is no less true regarding our duty to protect Freedom and Liberty! 

Did you know that in the last Presidential election (2008) Texas was ranked 47th in the nation in voter turnout? Only 55.2% of registered Texas voters even bothered. 

In the 2010 mid-term elections when governor, other statewide officials, and legislative seats were on the ballot, only 32.9% of registered Texas voters turned out. Texas ranked 50 among the states in 2010 for voter turnout. Only Washington DC voters had a poorer showing with a ranking of 51. [Source:

During the November 2011 State Constitutional Amendment election, just 5.2 percent of the state’s registered voters cast votes — this was a decline from an already low 8.7 percent in 2007 and 8.1 percent in 2009. [Source: Texas Tribune]

To help you become an informed voter, we have compiled the following sites for additional voting information on voting records, endorsements, donation records, and issue surveys:

Heritage Alliance/Texas Eagle Forum/Liberty Institute’s (teamed up) 2012 voter guide:   (IF a RED error message appears at top don’t worry about it, just enter your address in the form)

Project Vote Smart & the Political Courage Test

VoteEasy (related to VoteSmart)

Heritage Alliance: 2011 Legislative scorecard

Texas Eagle Forum’s 2011 legislative scorecard

Young Conservatives of Texas 2011 legislative ratings & career ratings:

Empower Texans 2012 endorsements:

Young Conservatives of Texas 2012 endorsements:

Note: A group called the Texas Conservative Roundtable developed a score card to give liberal to moderate Republicans political cover.  This group is not an accurate source for conservative voters.

Campaign Finance Reports for Texas:

Campaign Finance Reports – Federal: