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Retreat is Not an Option


While I share your great disappointment and deep sense of loss regarding the outcome of the Presidential election and the ground lost in the US Senate, I have no time to slow down.  Our country and the freedom for which it has stood is worth fighting for; therefore, retreat is not an option.  Today was spent working on legislative matters, and make no mistake — the significance of the 2013 Texas legislative session is underscored by the financial disaster ahead at the federal level.  

Based on the last four years, we have every reason to assume an Obama Administration, unrestrained by any concern about re-election, will ramp up unconstitutional executive orders and will increase pressure on the states through rogue federal agencies.  In other words, he will find a way to go around the House to enact expansion of government. 

We hope that a strengthened US House of Representatives would take the authority given in the US Constitution and act to restrain the other branches of government; however, we’ve watched them ignore this responsibility in the past as Obama has issued scores of executive orders which overstep the executive branch’s constitutional boundaries, while many federal courts continue to legislate from the bench. The Texas Legislature must figure out how it can best protect Texans and make Texas stronger. In the next couple of weeks, I will release the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee’s legislative priorities, and we will go to work educating House and Senate members on the specifics.  Since Lt. Governor Dewhurst has reached out to me, we hope he will agree with many of our priorities, and we can proceed to work together on areas of agreement.

 The first battle will be the race for the Texas Speaker of the House. Over the weekend, the following article appeared in — the leading conservative news blog for right of center online activists.  Please read this article and be sure to click on the links, which will bring up important details.  WARNING:  Language is offensive, but it comes from Joe Straus’s staff, his closest advisors, and a former state representative. 

Please read my response to the childish and vulgar e-mails describing the Straus team’s contempt for conservatives (posted on Ramparts 360): 

Retreat is not an option.  See you Friday. 

Soldier on,