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STATE Runoff Races

United States Senator

This is an open seat created when US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced  retirement.  The US Senate seat is a six-year term.  This Senator will serve with US Senator John Cornyn in representing Texas in the US Senate. The Republican primary winner will face Democrat, Libertarian, and Green Party challengers in November.  Grassroots America – We the People endorses ## Ted Cruz in this race 

## Ted Cruz
David Dewhurst

Read the GAWTP Endorsement:

Video from GAWTP US Senate Debate

JoAnn: the US Senate Race


Texas Railroad Commission
 Texas Railroad Commission is a major state agency. Despite its name, the agency has nothing to do with railroads. It turned over its last bit of authority over Texas railroads to the state’s transportation commission in October 2005. The TRC has regulatory jurisdiction over the oil and gas industry, pipeline transporters, the natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline industry, natural gas utilities, the LP-gas industry, and coal and uranium surface mining operations. Railroad Commissioners are elected to six-year terms with one Commissioner seeking election every two years. When a Commissioner is appointed by the Governor to fill an unexpired term, the appointee serves until the next General Election at which time the appointee may run for the remainder of the unexpired term. 

Candidates for Texas Railroad Commissioner Place 1
This election will fill a vacancy left on the TRC when Elizabeth Ames Jones resigned to run for a state senate seat in the San Antonio area. The Republican Primary winner will face Democrat, Libertarian, and Green Party challengers in November.  Grassroots America – We the People endorses ## Christi Craddick in this race 

Warren Chisum
## Christi Craddick


Candidates for Texas Railroad Commissioner Place 2
The incumbent serves as Chairman of the TRC and was appointed last year by Gov. Perry to fill the vacancy created by Michael Williams (resigned to run for Congress). No Democrat is running for this position, which is an unexpired term ending in 2014. The Republican nominee will face a Libertarian and Green Party challenger in November.

Grassroots America – We the People endorses ##Greg Parker in this race.  Mr. Parker has an impressive education and background in economics, energy, and public policy.  He has authored a book on global warming and its use as a pretext to over-regulate the Oil & Gas industry and expand government.  Mr. Parker seems to understand the threat of the EPA and government mandates linked to UN Agenda 21 very well.  He is energetic, engaging, articulate, and smart.  He appears to be unbeholden to any special interest or to the Austin political ruling class.  We believe he will be an asset to the Commission and a bold, ardent defender of states’ rights and individual liberty. 

## Greg Parker
Barry Smitherman (incumbent)

Video from GAWTP Candidate Forums for Railroad Commission Candidates
Railroad Commission Forum #1 VIDEO
Railroad Commission Forum #2 VIDEO
Additional footage showing introduction


Texas Judicial Races

Grassroots America – We the People endorses ## John Devine in this race 

Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 4
## John Devine
David Medina (incumbent)