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Say NO to $254.1 million in new taxes

Dear Patriots,

You bet it’s time!

Time to tell the truth…

Time to find out what’s wrong when we spend almost $200 million a year with poor results…

Time to do what’s right for the kids – enforce an atmosphere of order, discipline and respect…

Time to support good teachers and stop the mass exodus of teachers from Tyler ISD…

Time to stop living a lie in Tyler ISD!

The Grassroots Board of Directors voted unanimously Friday to oppose the $254.1 million (total principal & interest taxes) TISD Bond Election set for Sat. May 11. Early Voting begins Mon.  April 29.

You know from past experience – once GAWTP decides to back or oppose an issue, we get in it to win it, and our historical track record shows we accomplish what we set out to do!  We need your help again to hold the Tyler ISD Board and administration accountable!

Several of us have been working for quite some time with the No More Excuses Tyler ISD Coalition. We have a short time to accomplish a great deal, and we need everyone to help. Here’s how:

  • Your time – help get out the vote (GOTV) with calls and door-to-door literature distribution
  • Your donationsfor signs, ads and mailers – even if you can spare $10, we will use it wisely!
  • Your prayersfor a big job when so many are already busy! Please pray for wisdom & favor.


The Tyler ISD Board and Administration are failing a majority of the school children with

miserable academic results. They are failing the teachers.


If we fail to block this Bond, the very same promises that have been made by the TISD Administration for nearly a decade to return TISD to excellence across the District, will continue to be made and continue to be ignored. Grassroots America will not live a lie in this community. While other community leaders sit idly and silently by and watch our schools fail academically, the kids are sentenced to lives of mediocrity, and teachers leave TISD by the droves. Grassroots America and the No More Excuses, Tyler ISD! Coalition will stand up to turn this District around.

Did you know these FACTS about Tyler ISD?

State Comptroller’s 2012 FAST report (FAST = Financial Allocation Study for Texas)

A five-star district = significant academic progress at very low spending levels per student.
A one-star district = low academic progress at very high spending levels per student.

•TISD placed amid the lower half for efficiency

•TISD spends high levels of money per student with mediocre academic results when compared to other school districts

•TISD is in the bottom half of 41 peer school districts when measuring relationship between district spending and student achievement.

•TISD received 2.5 of five stars for having relatively high per-student expenditures & mediocre academic progress when compared to districts with similar wages, enrollment, location & student demographics

•Of the 25 Tyler ISD schools included, the highest rating received was 3.5 stars out of 5 (Douglas, Owens, Jack Elementary Schools)

•Five elementary schools (Bell, Birdwell, Ramey, Rice & Woods) received three-star ratings

•Thirteen schools received either two-star or 2.5-star ratings.

•Jones Elementary received a 1.5 star rating. And three schools (Boulter Middle School, Dogan Middle School & Peete Elementary) received one-star ratings.

•Over the last five years, out of 25 Tyler ISD schools, 19 have declined in state ranking and 6 have improved.

•In a majority of TISD’s newly constructed or remodeled elementary schools, academic results have either remained just “acceptable” or have declined from “recognized” to merely “acceptable.”

College Readiness – what do the facts say? 2011 Texas Education Agency reports:

59% of eligible TISD students took the ACT/SAT college readiness tests

Only 23% of that 59% tested at or above the criterion (77% failed to meet it)

TEA: Tyler ISD’s College Readiness:

•below both the state & Region 7 in college readiness for the 2011-2012 academic year.

•below both the state & Region 7 in the percentage of graduates who took the test required to enter college if the student is not exempted by his/her ACT, SAT or state testing scores. (Texas Success Initiative)

•Since 2004, TISD has always been several points below both the state & region in college readiness in both Math & English Language arts.

Our Core Message

The facts show merely passing school bonds to build new schools does not deliver high academic results for all students in Tyler ISD.

Tyler ISD is not producing consistent academic results that assure us students are getting what they need to master a skill or a trade, or to earn a degree at any college.

Too many of our students must take remedial courses before ever taking the first college class. Too many students cannot read at grade level or above. Both Robert E. Lee and John Tyler High Schools are rated ‘Academically Unacceptable.’

The Tyler ISD School Board and Superintendent never got around to addressing the attendance zones since the 2010 bond election was defeated. In two years, they’ve made no progress in redrawing attendance zones to maximize the space we already have and to make sure parents know where their kids will actually go to school. Parents make job, housing, and transportation decisions based on where their children will attend school. We think they have a right to know!

Dangerous discipline issues plague many of the schools, while the students who desire to learn and the teachers who desire to teach suffer. This is unacceptable to us and should be to you.

Mad enough already? Then help us say “NO” to Tyler ISD!

DONATIONS can be easily made through three different methods: Paypal, mail in your check or give at Friday meetings.

To make a donation for signs, make your check out to: No More Excuses Tyler ISD Coalition and mail it to:  Ernie Clark, 4250 Old Omen Road #9015, Tyler, TX 75707

To make a donation for ads and mailers, make your check out to: Grassroots America PAC and mail to: GAWTP PAC, PO Box 130012, Tyler, TX 75713

Don’t forget to include your address & phone number on your check AND your employer and job title. If you are retired, just put that on your check in the memo area. This information is required by law. We cannot use your donation if this info is missing.