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Schaefer Fights for Border Security!



Here’s a big “See, I told you so” when it comes to the predictable political games being played by Perry, Dewhurst, and Straus when it comes to border security. Now that President Obama has declared amnesty for some 5 million illegals (with much more to come), what do our state leaders do? Draw down the Texas National Guard from the border!  Such a reckless move takes away valuable support from our Department of Public Safety officers, Texas Rangers, and game wardens who are deployed in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. Grassroots America strongly objects to the drawdown of the Texas National Guard at this critical time. This just underscores once more how law enforcement and the military are used as political props for folks running for office. 

Grassroots America strongly supports the DPS officers, Texas Rangers, and game wardens who are doing all they can to catch the criminal elements pouring across the border, but DPS was understaffed BEFORE the border surge started. State law enforcement operations (investigations, patrols, drug interdictions on major drug routes, and the fight against human trafficking) in the interior of the state suffer when these officers are deployed at the border. DPS needs the assistance of the Texas National Guard because they are a force multiplier. 

Our State Representative Matt Schaefer spoke against the drawdown of the Texas National Guard. To see his strong testimony before the Legislative Budget Board this week, click here:

Finally, you’ll want to read this article from Tony McDonald of Empower Texans that fully explains the political chicanery afoot in Austin – deception that State Rep. Matt Schaefer and Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick are fighting.

Our fight for truth, accountability, and Liberty will never be over. Let’s do so prayerfully and with thankful hearts for those on the frontlines,