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Senator Patrick does NOT speak for us!

Senator Dan Patrick (Houston) is chairman of the TEA Party Caucus of the Texas Legislature.  We asked Senator Patrick to stay out of the US Senate race – not once, but twice.  Today, he announced that he had voted for Dewhurst, and since he (Patrick) is the “leader” of the TEA Party Caucus, then it surely follows that Dewhurst is supported by the most constitutional conservative leaders in Texas, right?  Wrong!  Nothing could be further from the truth, but Dewhurst’s campaign leaped on the endorsement and tried to turn it into some kind of prize.  We pushed back.  See the statement sent statewide by the Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the TEA Party Caucus of the Texas Legislature – our own JoAnn Fleming.  JoAnn will be making talking about this tomorrow when she speaks at the Cruz rally with other grassroots leaders from across the state.  They will be joining US Senator Jim DeMint and Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally at The Woodlands.
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Send an earthquake to Austin – Choose Cruz!