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Serious Voter Fraud Alert!


Did you know the Texas Secretary of State’s Office issued numerous waivers related to paper backup records and audits required by law that support ballot integrity?

What is Grassroots America doing about it?

  • We sent a coalition letter, representing a group of Texas Grassroots Leaders to the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, asking for action. See our letter. Click here.
  • Along with hundreds of other Texans, we signed a letter to Gov. Abbott in support of Dr. Laura Pressley’s efforts to fight voter fraud in Texas. This letter requests the Governor take executive action to rescind all administrative waivers to law and administrative rules changes to assure Texans that there is ballot integrity for our elections.
  • We are checking on Smith County election procedures. At the time this goes to press, we have been told by an election judge that they are not keeping a paper trail for early voting. We will work to get to the bottom of this and report back!


We agree with State Senator Bob Hall’s statement, “While lack of individual voter identification can result in a person voting more than once or an ineligible person casting a vote, there is an even more serious threat to election integrity. Electronic ballots without a paper trail create an unacceptable flaw in our ability to confirm the integrity of an election.

The Office of Attorney General is currently in the process of looking into discrepancies in the Republican primary election held in Hill County. According to a complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office, in that county, the difference between the official results and the Combination forms is 1,743 or, 19.29 % of the official results have NO VOTERS to account for said ballots! That allegation is alarming. What is even more alarming is that it was not brought up by election officials in the county, but by a third party after the votes had been canvased and certified correct!”

For more information on investigations in Tarrant and Hill counties, see these links:

The big story – the Dr. Laura Pressley case – explained. You will be shaking your head! ay-by-texas-ag-n2228904?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&ne wsletterad=

We are getting numerous calls from across the state & in Smith County about voting machines registering incorrect votes or no votes at all when a straight party ticket is voted. This is what you must do:

Before you confirm your ballot, go back to the beginning of the ballot to check to see if the votes are marked as you intended. If you see a problem:

  • Call the election judge over to see what is happening. Stand at the machine until they come to see it for themselves. DO NOT leave your machine to get help!
  • Write down the voting location, the machine number, the time of day, and the date this happened. Write down what the election judge said and how the situation was handled. Take your statement of facts to a notary and have your signature notarized. Get a copy of this statement to Grassroots America by sending it to .
  • Please email this information to everybody you know! Please post a message on FB & Tweet it!