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Important! Please Plan to Attend

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

9:30 AM

Smith County Commissioners Court Meeting

Budget Workshop

If you are concerned about a strong law enforcement presence to combat the drug and human trafficking network pouring across the border and into our state, you should attend the Smith County Commissioners Court Budget Workshop, Tuesday, July 1 at 9:30 am. Seating is limited so please arrive early.

At this particular Commissioners Court meeting, Sheriff Larry Smith will present time-sensitive and pressing matters concerning the new jail. He will also present detailed and justified budget requests critical for the efficient and effective management and operations of the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and detention facilities.

If you are not aware of the extremely serious threats to your public safety and to law enforcement across Texas, please take the time to review the two unclassified reports from the Department of Public Safety featured below. You will see the Dallas/Fort Worth area is now a command and control center for six of the eight most dangerous cartels in the world. I-20 is a drug and human trafficking corridor.

The 2013 Texas Public Safety Threat Overview

2014 Texas Gang Threat Assessment

Please note these DPS reports were released BEFORE the new surge of illegals into our state. It is NOT just pregnant women and children coming across the border. In the Laredo Sector and at Falfurrias, there is also a surge of adult illegals entering, the majority of whom are OTMs (other than Mexican). Border Patrol is overrun because they are stretched thin processing children, changing diapers, mopping up bodily fluids and serving meals instead of catching the traffickers and coyotes.

Illegal traffic will not stay on the border. Pressure will continue to mount on local law enforcement as state law enforcement (DPS, Texas Rangers, and even game wardens) are directed to the border. Our Sheriff needs the resources necessary to protect our communities, solve crimes, house those awaiting trial, those sentenced to incarceration in the county jail, and those convicted of crimes and awaiting transfer to state prisons. 

The Sheriff must be able to attract and retain the best men and women possible to serve as law enforcement officers in an increasingly dangerous climate. Grassroots America fully supports Sheriff Larry Smith and the men and women of the Smith County Sheriff’s Department.