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Sheriff’s Race: More Evidence

In the July 17, Tyler Morning Telegraph, Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix said of his erroneous charges lodged against Larry Smith (and aired on KETK NBC 56):  “Should I have waited to make a comment? Probably, but I felt confident he wasn’t at that crime scene after reading my report.”   

Fact 1.  Allegations made by Chris Green and Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix and spread by the Tyler TEA Party et al:  they say Larry Smith was not an investigator on the New Harmony double homicide case in which Newton Anderson was found guilty and subsequently sentenced to death in 2007.  Repeatedly, they have said Smith was not on the scene.  Court documents prove they are wrong, and they know itNow they claim they really meant Smith had embellished his participation in the case.  Did Chief Hendrix forget that the FBI and the DA’s office can and do call other investigators to crime scenes? Waiting to get the facts would have saved Hendrix and his candidate from getting in the embarrassing corner they are now in. 

Fact 2.  Evidence proving their allegations to be UNTRUE went public again when Larry Smith presented the courtroom documents and his case report to KETK, CBS 19, and to the Tyler Morning Telegraph.  The documents have been posted on our website under “2012 One Stop Voter Information” for some time.  These are the official courtroom documents and the date/file-stamped case report.  The courtroom document is the transcript of Larry Smith being sworn in as a witness in the Newton Anderson capital murder trial and Smith’s sworn testimony during the trial as to his findings at the murder/arson crime scene.  District Judge Jack Skeen was the DA at the time.  Matt Bingham (the current District Attorney) and David Dobbs were prosecutors for the DA’s office in the capital murder case. They worked with Larry Smith on the case – this is clear from the court transcript which shows the DA’s office questioning Smith as a witness. 

Fact 3: More corroboration – new statements:  Last week, District Attorney Matt Bingham and former First District Attorney David Dobbs released these statements which appeared in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Sunday: 

D. Matt Bingham, Criminal District Attorney, Smith County, Texas:

“Larry Smith’s arson investigation and collection of evidence was absolutely integral in the successful prosecution of Newton Anderson for Capital Murder (Cobb double homicide case, New Harmony). Over the past twelve years, Larry Smith has utilized his expertise in arson investigation and in the collection of evidence right here in Smith County. This expertise, coupled with his willingness to work with local law enforcement, has successfully brought to justice many high profile cases, such as Denario Jones, the church arsonists, and most recently, Kim Cargill. As Larry worked hand-in-hand with me, my office, and other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the investigation, apprehension, and interrogation of the church arsonists, his experience and knowledge were unmatched. Larry’s work ethic was beyond reproach, and resulted in the location of critical DNA evidence. Due to recent statements made against Larry, I wanted to make very clear that Larry Smith is an experienced, knowledgeable, hard-working professional, whose work has been invaluable to my office.” 

David E. Dobbs, former First Assistant District Attorney, Smith County, Texas:

“I was present at the crime scene and trial of the Newton Anderson case (Cobb double homicide case, New Harmony). Larry Smith was present at the crime scene, located probative items of evidence, and testified about his findings and opinions at the trial, which resulted in Anderson’s conviction and death sentence. Larry Smith assisted local law enforcement in the investigation of crimes and the prosecution of offenders in a number of cases during my tenure in the Smith County District Attorney’s office.”  

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