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Smith Co. Sheriff Candidate Forum

(At this time, candidates Larry Smith and Chris Green have accepted the invitation to appear at the forum.)

This will be uniquely different from any previous forum because we are reaching out to a very important part of our community — law enforcement.

We want to know what issues are important to various law enforcement agencies when it comes to their interaction with the Smith County Sheriff and the SO. We believe it would be most informative if the questions for the candidates were submitted by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies who have almost daily contact with the Smith County SO. We therefore have asked the various agencies to submit 5 to 10 questions to be asked of the candidates.

Stephen Thompson, retired FBI Agent, will chair a committee of retired law enforcement officers, who are not connected to any of the campaigns. This committee will review the questions to consolidate them under specific topic areas and to prevent duplication.

The final questions will be furnished to retired Tyler PD Captain Bob Bond who will be the Moderator of the forum. Mr. Bond will have the sole discretion regarding which questions he selects to fit within the time frame and the order in which the questions are asked. Mr. Bond will have full authority to ask questions of his own.  No candidate will have access to the questions in advance of the forum.

Grassroots understands that all agencies must work with the SO; we therefore have assured the agencies that the candidates nor the Moderator will know the source of the questions. To further protect the anonymity of the questions, the participating agencies will submit the questions on plain paper to Mr. Thompson.

Location: Lakeview Church of the Nazarene, 10818 University Boulevard, Spur 248, two miles from the Loop 323 intersection.