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Message from the Executive Director, JoAnn Fleming:


I strongly encourage you to attend the Grassroots America meeting on Friday to hear the special presentation by County Engineer Frank Davis and County Commissioner Jeff Warr.

Although we cannot yet consider the road plan complete, it is especially important for us to hear from County Engineer Frank Davis, who has earned a reputation of respect in both the private and public sector. When I asked Commissioner Warr to bring the presentation to Grassroots America several months ago, without hesitation, he heartily agreed.

I believe this will be a valuable and instructive presentation for us as community watchdogs. If you live in the city limits of Tyler or in another city in Smith County, your taxes go toward county roads, bridges, and drainage projects – even though you might not live on or regularly travel any county roads. If you live in another county, chances are, your commissioners court is also struggling with county transportation infrastructure. I am sure you will learn something from the presentation and from the Q&A session that will help you interact with your own commissioners court.

Please understand there will be no questions asked of Commissioner Warr about the traffic camera agreement. As you know, this matter is the subject of an official complaint process that will ultimately lead to the investigation of the traffic camera contract and the process that led up to the contract’s execution. Grassroots America filed a detailed complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and with the Smith County District Attorney; therefore, unless Commissioner Warr brings it up, there will be no conversation about it due to the investigation. It is routine for an official to be advised by legal counsel not to discuss the subject of an investigation or anticipated litigation in public. Please be aware of that and limit your questions to the road plan and related topics.

Regarding the complaints and the investigation, progress was made this week. New evidence pertinent to the case has also been discovered. We will send out updates when appropriate to do so, but in the meantime, you have my word that Grassroots America will not stop until we have answers.

Planning to see everyone again in June!

For meeting details click HERE