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Special Call To Action Meeting at Oil Palace in Tyler, TX … Today at 4pm FREE Admission

Become Citizen Plaintiffs Against ObamaCare … Learn Why & How

NO Friday Call To Action Lunch Meeting This Week

Before Glenn Beck’s Town Hall Meeting at 7:30pm on April 24…Special Call To Action Meeting at 4pm at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX.

FREE admission for the 4pm meeting.

Be Prepared to Pay for Parking…$8.00.

Learn why and how you can become one of 10,000 citizen plaintiffs against ObamaCare. GAWTP has teamed up with The Justice Foundation to take this lawsuit ALL the way to the Supreme Court.

Clayton Trotter from The Justice Foundation will explain the process and the long term commitment. Citizens must take a stand. This is YOUR opportunity to stand up and be counted. COME & LEARN. FREE Admission at the 4pm Special Meeting at the Oil Palace.

Also…patriotic and stirring messages from Pastor C.L. Bryant, featured speaker at last year’s 9/12 March on Washington, and Pastor Stephen Broden, Republican Elect for U.S. Congress, Dist 30 (Dallas area). Both have spoken at GAWTP in the past.

Lots of Patriotic Music.

GAWTP is Advancing Freedom on ALL fronts. Become a member of GAWTP today!