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Special Training PRIOR to Lunch Speaker

Special Training PRIOR to Lunch Speaker

Action Training: What to do when GAWTP sends out an action item. 

Time: 11:00 to 11:20

It is a time for action! We can no longer sit by and do nothing while our country crumbles! In the American War for Independence there were people of action that were ready to act in a moment’s notice! We called them minutemen. Once again we need people of action, people who are ready on a moment’s notice to respond and follow thru on action items sent out by GAWTP.

So we are offering an action mini  training session, starting at 11:00 am prior to this Friday’s regular lunch meeting.

Grassroots Leaders, Jim Speiron and Sharon Guthrie will be sharing how you can get involved and be modern day minutemen!

How You Can Impact Local, State, and National Decisions
What To Do When GAWTP Sends Out an Action Item
How To Effectively Contact an Elected Official