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September 23, 2013

To the Texas Delegation in the United States Senate and House of Representatives:

The signatories to this letter represent everyday Texans. We are grassroots activists gravely concerned with the state of the country and the direction in which it is headed. 

At this moment in American history, no issue is more important than stopping Obamacare. Obamacare is destroying America. People are losing jobs, losing wages, paying more for insurance premiums, or losing coverage altogether. Seniors live in fear they will simply no longer qualify for “quality of life” or life-extending health services. Doctors are seeing their profession destroyed. Owners of small businesses are grappling with decisions to reduce full-time jobs to part-time jobs, knowing this will hurt their businesses and employees. Quite simply, Americans are living in fear of this law. 

Obamacare represents everything wrong with our bureaucratic, out-of-control government. Those who voted for Obamacare never had time to read, let alone understand, the bill. It was passed with partisan procedural tricks over the objections of the American people. Bureaucrats are now producing thousands of pages of regulations that only lawyers can understand. Big businesses, corporations, and politicians are getting special waivers and deals.   

These special waivers and deals clearly violate the “Uniformity Clause” of the US Constitution. Since the US Supreme Court has held the ObamaCare mandate to be a tax, it invokes the Constitution’s “Uniformity Clause” (Article I, Section 8, Clause 1) which requires the tax to “be uniform throughout the United States.” The Framers were explicit that taxes had to be applied uniformly; this intent was later extended to equal protection of the laws by the 14th Amendment. Moreover, the President has repeatedly bypassed Congress to alter the law.

This is a direct assault on individual liberty and the Constitution. We want this unmitigated disaster stopped.

While we applaud the House of Representatives for listening to the American people and passing a bill to defund Obamacare while funding government, the real battle is ahead. When this bill makes it to the US Senate, we are counting on both of our Texas senators to hold the line and stop Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from playing any procedural tricks to reinstate funding for Obamacare. 

Texas House Delegation, please continue to back up our Texas senators, in fact all Republican senators, as they stare down Harry Reid. We urge the Texas House Delegation to take the lead in a strategy to fight to win. If Harry Reid strips out the defunding of ObamaCare, sending the government-funding bill back to the House, Speaker John Boehner should begin passing individual bills funding one department at a time, starting with the military. This should be followed by a bill to fund Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The House should pass government funding one bill at a time, driving home the fact that if the government shuts down, it will be because the President and Senate Democrats are willing to sacrifice jobs and the economy for a health care law a majority of the American people don’t want.

We know it will be a fight, but that is what you were elected to do. 

Fight for us. Don’t give in to the Washington elites! Don’t surrender! Real Texans don’t blink.

Preserving Liberty, 

JoAnn Fleming, Chair, TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee to the TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus


Fellow colleagues, representing constitutional conservative grassroots organizations from across Texas:

TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee – grassroots advisors to the TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus:
Roberto Gonzalez, Clear Lake TEA Party
Konni Burton, former Dallas TEA Party Steering Committee member
Robin Lennon, Kingwood TEA Party
Chuck Molyneaux, McKinney TEA Party and the North Texa Citizens Lobby
Katrina Pierson, Garland TEA Party
Dr. Julie Turner, Texas Patriots PAC – The Woodlands

JoAnn Fleming (Executive Director) & Ernie Clark (President) Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Ken Emanuelson, The Grassroots Texans Network & Dallas TEA Party Steering Committee Member

Cathie Adams, President, Texas Eagle Forum

Michael Quinn Sullivan, President, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Joseph Wade Miller – Regional Coordinator (TX) for Heritage Action

Debra Medina, Executive Director, We Texans

Russell Ramsland, Leader of the DFW area Park Cities/Preston Hollow Leadership Forum and Tea Party

Dr. Mike Olcott, Argyle Victory, Leader

Catherine Engelbrecht, King Street Patriots

Matt Rinaldi for the Northwest Dallas County Tea Party Coalition

Jim Speiran, Emerald Bay Grassroots America

Ray Myers and Jo Ellen Allan, Kaufman County TEA Party

George Rodriguez, President, South Texas Alliance & South Texas Coordinator for TEA Party Patriots

Jim Lennon, co-founder, Kingwood TEA Party

Craig Cosgray, Highland Lakes TEA Party and Board Chairman, TEA Parties of Texas PAC (TPOT)

Toby Marie Walker, Waco TEA Party

Kathryn Monette, Grand Prairie TEA Party

Scott and Patti Jones, Sachse TEA Party 

Babs Millward, Coordinator of the Rowlett TEA Party 

Pamela Engstrom, Wylie TEA Party 

Scott and Rachell McKim, Coordinators for Mesquite/Sunnyvale TEA Party 

Joline Tate, Leader for the Garland TEA Party 

Dawn King, Parker County TEA Party 

Nicholas Taorima, President, We The People Are The 9-12 Association

Thelma Taorima, We Surround Them – Houston 9/12, Founder & Chair; national representative

Suezette Griffin, Pearland TEA Party

Rick Spletter, Grassroots Rockwall 

Leaders of the Fort Worth 9/12 Project:

Adrian Murray
Deborah Grimes
Wayne Arendsee
David Lambertsen
Kent Kallmeyer
Georgia Stapleton

Joyce Petrich, Leader of the Midland/Odessa 9/12 Project 

Tim Lyng, The Remembrance Project (Houston) 

Jim Barnes, McAllen Tea Party

Leaders of New Revolution Now:
Dean Wright, Austin
Sharon Hall, San Antonio

Leaders of the Alvin TEA Party Patriots:
Suzanne Dillmann, Project Manager
Pedro Rivera

Toni Fabry, Frisco TEA Party 

Jim Barnes, McAllen Tea Party

Phillip Dennis, Dallas Tea Party Steering Committee

Steve Duke, Allen Area Patriots

Maria Espinoza-Lyng, Houston Eagle Forum 

Bob Hall, Canton TEA Party 

Toby & Sue Stringer, Alvin TEA Party Patriots 

Debbie Gregory, Hill County TEA Party 

Karen Albright, Freestone County TEA Party 

James Ives (President) and Melissa Ives (Leadership), Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party 

Aubrey Vaughan, Tri-County TX TEA Party LLC 

John Alaniz, President, Central Texas TEA Party 

Michael Kinzie, founder, 

Leadership for Hideaway Grassroots America:
John Tweedell
Dardine Roedel

Leaders of the Ellis County Tea Party:
Harlon Bounds
Linda Bounds
Bill Carson

Liz Theiss, North Houston TEA Party Patriots 

Mike Openshaw, Collin County TEA Party 

Julie McCarty, NE Tarrant Tea Party 

Larry Korkmas, Houston TFIRE – Texans for Immigration Reduction & Enforcement

Darcy Kahrhoff, Katy TEA Party

Rebecca Forest, Women on the Wall

Eva Brown, Battleground TEA Party

Bob Bagley, Montgomery County TEA Party

Chuck Mears, Upshur County TEA Party

Lorie Medina, Real Conservatives National Committee, Chairman 

Mike and Cindy Schwartz, We The People-Longview Tea Party 

Alice Linahan, Founder Voices Empower

Dr. Dwayne Collins, Edom TEA Party

Sherri Young, We the People of Harrison County

David Leopard, Richardson TEA Party

Kelly Cooper, Chairwoman, Prosper Tea Party

Thomas D. Selgas, US Bill of Rights Foundation

Jim and Carla Logan, Leaders – Pearland TEA Party

Ruth Pharis, President, Hill Country TEA Party

Stacy McMahan, Board Member, VOCAL (Voices of Conservatism and Liberty)   

Brett Baldwin, North Texas TEA Party legislative team 

Laurie Atkins, President, Lake Jackson TEA Party 

Pat McNulty, Board Member, Lake Jackson TEA Party 

Clyde W. Bryan, The Executive Council

Barry A. Schlech, Ph.D., Leader, Texas Patriots Tea Party

9/24/13 Support-gathering still in progress


Organization leaders, contact to be added to represent your group.  Please send your name, title, and organization name. 


“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” (Samuel Adams)


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