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State Issues Initiative 2011


2. Balance state budget with spending cuts (no tax/fee increases); assess agencies/departments/programs in view of the constitutional role of state government; eliminate departments/agencies/programs which expand the role of state government beyond its proper scope; expand the role of private sector in delivering government services via competitive sealed bids and proposals, a best value process, and a rigorous contract management/performance measurement evaluation of service delivery.

3. Curb escalating costs of public school administration; consider salary and benefits caps for superintendents (see New Jersey Chris Christie’s mandates) or change the criteria for superintendents to include applicants from successful private sector careers; mandate that

4. Uphold Constitutional and statutory roles of the State Board of Education; SBOE should NOT be weakened or authority redirected to the unelected bureaucracy of the Texas Education Agency.

5. Ensure protection for private property ownership in Texas to include the exclusive right to buy, sell, or use any asset as the owner deems necessary; including mineral rights.

6. Mandate that consular identification documents issued by foreign governments are not acceptable as proof of identification for any state or local government service, including, but not limited to vehicle registration.

7. Require proof of US citizenship or legal residency from those applying to receive any and all taxpayer funded public benefits beyond those currently mandated by federal court decisions. For those benefits mandated by federal court decisions, capture and report full cost of compliance.

8. Amend the Texas Constitution with a tighter, more meaningful spending limitation based on population growth and the annual rate of inflation – using an inflation rate which includes inflation factors for food and fuel.

9. Enact Arizona-style law to assist federal, state and local law enforcement in applying the rule of law to immigration status; enact legislation prohibiting sanctuary cities and counties in the state of Texas.

10. Reassert Tenth Amendment State Sovereignty; resist and reject any and all unconstitutional acts and/or mandates from the federal government, including but not limited to: the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and EPA enforcement of Cap and Trade initiatives. Implement free market solutions to the problem of rising healthcare costs and to energy supply. Support free market expansion of health insurance markets across state lines.