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Taxpayer Alert on Jail Plan

[Source: public documents from County Auditor, Commissioners Court, TX Commission on Jail Standards] 

This is a “need,” not a “want.” The hard truth is – we’re out of space to lock up medium and high risk prisoners. Since 2004, $17 million of your property taxes paid contracts with other counties to meet the state’s remedial order to stop jail overcrowding. 

Contract costs + extra medical costs + transport costs = higher

than necessary annual operating costs for taxpayers!  

Contract rates in other counties don’t include the high cost of transporting inmates or mandated expenses for indigent defense. Medical costs are higher than local contract rates for mandated care. The plan’s infirmary will save taxpayers $600,000 – $800,000 per year by cutting transport of inmates to emergency rooms & doctors’ offices. This keeps inmates locked down, making it safer for law enforcement, medical staff, and citizens! 

Annual operating savings offset construction & interest costs!  

15-year overall reduced cost for average rate of incarceration:

Out of County prisoner savings $ 24.6 million

Operational savings: lower medical, transport, etc. 30.6 million

Total savings to bring inmates back $ 55.2 million

Cost of Jail Plan Construction + full staffing $ 35.0 million

Interest on bonds over 15 years 12.2 million

Total cost of jail bond plan $ 47.2 million

Net Savings to Taxpayers over 15 years $ 8.0 million  

Any unused beds will be contracted out to serve the Tyler Federal Court System. The Commissioners Court signed a pledge to use this estimated $4.3 million in revenue to pay off the debt early. Grassroots America is concerned about debt at every level of government, but this is a sound plan that cuts annual county operational costs. We will hold the Commissioners Court to their pledge!  

Tents: State Jail standards based on federal court rulings prohibit tents in TX for high & medium risk prisoners. The bill filed in Austin does not change this. Texas is not Arizona!  

VOTE YES Saturday, May 14 for a Sound Jail Plan  

Political Advertisement paid for by the GAWTP PAC, P. O. Box 130012, Tyler, TX 75713, Jimmie Taylor, Treasurer.