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TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee Touts Ethics,Transparency Reforms


A coalition of tea party activists called on the Texas Legislature Tuesday to hold the line on taxes, crack down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants, make deep spending cuts and enact several ethics and transparency reforms.

The Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee expressed support for Gov. Rick Perry’s so-called “budget compact,” aimed at ending budgetary tricks, limiting spending by Constitutional amendment and stopping any tax increases.

But the conservative group took direct aim at Perry elsewhere in its legislative agenda, entitled “Make Texas Strong.” The activists want the Legislature to zero out the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for a series of tax incentive programs championed by Perry as crucial economic development tools.

They favor the elimination of the Texas Enterprise Fund, the Emerging Technology Fund and the event “trust fund” accounts used to lure sporting events and business conferences to Texas. 

To read the TPCAC’s 2013 legislative agenda for Texas, go to our home page: