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Tele-town Hall with Cruz


We are sending out this alert as a courtesy to US Senator Ted Cruz.  The following information is about a nationwide tele-town hall event with our senator about the Defund ObamaCare effort.  The event is sponsored by the national TEA Party Patriots organization and will be similar to the Heritage Action and FreedomWorks tele-town halls.  The goal for Grassroots America is to help build the momentum, keep you informed, and to support Senator Cruz.

Senator Cruz is expected to speak around 6:30 PM CST; however, the tele-town hall begins at 6 PM.

If you have the opportunity to ask a question, please make sure the question is germane to the topic – defunding ObamaCare.  There will be other opportunities to discuss other issues with Senator Cruz when he next hosts his own town hall.

Tea Party Patriots Tele-Town Hall
Friday Sept. 6th
6:00 PM CT
Toll Free Call In #: 888-409-5380

If you haven’t signed the “Don’t Fund ObamaCare” petition, please do so.  Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues to sign it!  Heck, ask your doctor to sign it!

After Sen. Cruz was on Rush’s show, the signatures skyrocketed.  Let’s keep it going!  You do not have to donate to sign the petition.  As an added bonus, check out the US Senators who haven’t signed the pledge to defund ObamaCare – many have challengers who WOULD sign it!  Go to: