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Tell These Officials to Fund Border Security Now!


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Action Alert! Border Security is at risk in the Texas House!

A 2/15/15 conference call with JoAnn Fleming (Grassroots America) and Dale Huls (Clear Lake TEA Party) sounded the alarm to start calling key TX House Committee members this week.  At stake is continued funding for the Texas National Guard, which has been drawn down to 200 members.  Last week, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for continued funding for border security.  According to public statements and news accounts, Speaker Joe Straus shrugged off Patrick’s call with a notable lack of enthusiasm.

This is NOT about Joe Straus and Dan Patrick.  This is NOT about a political squabble. This is about the safety and security of Texas.  Since Texas is the largest border entry into the US from Mexico, it is a gateway to the interior of the US.  With the dithering of the GOP leadership in Washington, we cannot count on them to secure the border, and Obama’s executive amnesty will attract more and more illegal border crossers!  We are also sitting ducks for terrorists.

The people of Texas elected Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick with a mandate to secure the Texas border and deal with the high cost of illegal aliens and criminal activity related to cartels and transnational gangs running rampant in our state.  Abbott and Patrick did not run to the mushy middle in the General Election.  They ran as reformers, and that is what the people of Texas elected them to do.  Now, “We the People” must hold them accountable.

If you want funding for border security to continue, you must make your voice heard beginning today!  The Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee meets tomorrow 2/17/15 at 8 am.  Ways & Means meets tomorrow at 8:30 am, and a subcommittee of Appropriations meets on Thursday at 8 AM.  Those are the committees (see LINK below) to call first, but every person on the committees listed below needs to hear from you.  They will make decisions on bills that impact border security.

Keep this list handy.  As bills come to the floor of the House, you will need this list again.  It also contains phone numbers for Governor Abbott.  He needs to hear from all of you as well.  Remind him that it is time for Texas to lead on border security and the rule of law!

Call these committee members (only GOP listed – since they all ran as conservatives and all say they support a secure border).  Simply tell them that you support continued funding of the Texas National Guard and DPS for border security.  Tell them you want funding for the Guard and Operation Strong Safety continued until the end of the budget year and funded in the upcoming new budget, and you will watch how they vote.

If the list doesn’t open for you click HERE

Download (PDF, 265KB)