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Ten Boom Institute with Blaine & Audrey Rindlisbacher: Education for Real Life

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Empowering individuals and families to increase their freedom and expand their influence by learning how to find and apply true principles in all areas of their lives.
The Ten Boom Institute seeks to assist individuals in revolutionizing their lives by bringing their thoughts and actions more in line with true principles. We can, of course, only live the truth when we have it. The capacity to seek, identify and apply truth will bring freedom from much of the avoidable pain in our lives. Pain from strained relationships, unfulfilling work, poor health, debt cycles and out of control government can be alleviated through greater knowledge of the natural laws that are controlling our lives, whether we know and live them or not.
All of our courses are online 24 hours a day. You can do them anytime and anywhere you have internet access. Online at