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Texas is having a statewide Tax Day tea party rally in Austin!

Message from JoAnn:

Fellow Patriots, because I am not yet released by my doctor for travel, I cannot attend the TX TEA Parties Tax Day Rally in Austin this Wednesday, April 15. I was sad to have to turn down the invitation to be a speaker, but I urge as many of you to go as possible as a united voice against the leftward drift of Texas. 

The legislative session thus far is a great success on the Senate side, but a miserable exercise on the House side as more than a third of the GOP House members regularly vote with Democrats to expand government, dole out corporate welfare, neglect proper funding of border security, bottle up scores of conservative reform bills in committee, and use House floor time to ridicule and actually curse at conservative House members. It is like watching a group of teenage bullies, and it is a disgrace to Texas!

All Texas House and Senate floor action and most committee hearings can been seen live online. To view for yourself, go to for the TX House and to for the TX Senate. You will also find archived recordings there.

For those of you in my home county of Smith County, I am gravely disappointed to report that Sen. Kevin  Eltife has voted against many conservative reforms in the Senate and that Rep. Bryan Hughes voted for a very bad Pre-K bill (which will be the first step toward universal taxpayer-funded daycare for 3- and 4-year olds). Rep. Matt Schaefer continues to fight for border security funding and to stop waste, fraud, and abuse in state administered welfare benefits and is being opposed by big retailers, grocers, and Big Business. Liberal Massachusetts has mandated photo IDs on food stamp cards, and so should Texas! That is what Rep. Matt Schaefer wants to do, and we are 1000% with him on this! 

Every day during this session, Grassroots America is working for reforms in Austin. Please attend the Wednesday rally (details below) and please support Grassroots America.

For Texas – for Liberty,

Your Executive Director


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