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Texas Takes a California Left-turn!

Gov. Perry, What Are You Thinking?!!   The Wall Street Journal has it right!

6/7/13 Wall Street Journal Editorial: Texas Goes Sacramento

Republicans spend their energy gusher, and then some.

During his brief campaign for President last year, Governor Rick Perry boasted that he would bring the “Texas model” of lean government, low taxes and pro-business policies to Washington. Now Austin is borrowing from Washington’s playbook as the Lone Star State embarks on its biggest spending spree in memory.

Call it the downside of prosperity: The Texas growth spurt has produced a near $20 billion gusher of new tax revenue, and the Republican-dominated legislature, with the support of seemingly every lobby in Austin, wants to spread the bounty. The biennial general-fund budget that awaits the Governor’s signature is $102 billion compared with $84 billion two years ago.

Those numbers understate the blowout because $4 billion more was snatched from the state’s rainy day fund. Add various accounting stunts and the Texas Public Policy Foundation calculates a 26% spending increase for the biennium. A broad coalition of taxpayer and tea-party groups is urging Mr. Perry to veto.

Read the rest of the WSJ editorial here…

Governor Perry’s response? “…the governor suggested that critics of the two-year spending plan might need some ‘remedial work.'”

Oh really, Governor?

Read what your governor thinks about grassroots conservatives and our justified criticism of the 26% spending binge.

Grassroots Conservatives…2014 is coming!


JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director (volunteer), Grassroots America – We the People

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