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The Cruz Missile in “trouble” again!

Well, there he goes again, daring to tell the pure, unvarnished truth… 

US Senator Ted Cruz is in hot water again with the beltway media and Republican establishment moderate squishes for daring to tell the truth to his constituents — to a group of Texans that included key grassroots leaders who helped him defeat (trounce, thrash) Lt. Governor Dewhurst. 

Last Friday, Cruz was a surprise guest at the FreedomWorks Texas Summit in Austin. Our own executive director, JoAnn Fleming, was a featured three-time speaker at that event. JoAnn, a member of Senator Cruz’s “Kitchen Cabinet,” reports that Senator Cruz relayed a positive message about how possible it is to win when conservatives are willing to stand and fight. He detailed how his strong insistence that “every syllable of every word of ObamaCare should be repealed” has gotten him in trouble – even yelled at by the senior Republican senators. The senior Senators were none too thrilled with his interrogation of fellow Senator Feinstein regarding her shrill, emotion-laced supported for gun control measures that would gut the Second Amendment. They really hated the whole filibuster thing against drones. The old lions just aren’t pleased to have a happy warrior, a determined fighter like Cruz in their midst. After all, a freshman US Senator is supposed to just sit down, shut up, and do what he’s told. That’s just not in the DNA of Ted Cruz. 

Word about the Cruz Missile’s talk to the FreedomWorks gathering of Texas grassroots leaders got out, and man oh man…the indignant outrage began again. Over what? Senator Cruz telling the truth about how the establishment Republicans will not fight for principle. 

Since we see the same thing going on in Austin with establishment Republicans, read this op-ed piece from RedState’s Erick Erickson, aptly titled “We Can Win. But Only if We Fight to Win”. Amen, brother. Amen.