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The GOP Gets Another Chance


The Day After We Got another Chance

November 9, 2016


This is a quick note as I rush to get on the road to be with my Dad in MS. He’s a healthy, active, spry 80 years young and a bit headstrong. Today, he was up on one of the barns sweeping leaves off the roof and slipped. No doubt, it was those leather-soled cowboy boots!

He didn’t fall off the barn, but fell on the roof. Mom got help from the sheriff’s office to get him down so she could get him to the hospital. His left hip is badly fractured. As I write this, he’s having emergency surgery, and I have to get on the road so that I can help Mom and take orders from Daddy to keep the ranch going…just as he wants it!

Last night, we got another chance to turn the perilous trajectory of this nation. The American people – fed up with the Washington DC elitist powerbrokers – ended the dreams of Hillary Clinton. They returned a GOP majority to the House and the Senate and presented the GOP an opportunity to make good on big promises.

In addition, we have Donald Trump’s list from which he promised to choose a Supreme Court nominee, and we have his pledge for his first 100 days. We need to hold him to it. The Donald Trump who showed up to accept his win last night is the Trump who needs to show up every day to do the job he was hired at the ballot box to do. His tone was proper, and the message was the kind of message an American President needs to deliver. He is no longer a reality TV star. This is serious business.

Donald Trump is not a constitutional conservative, but we hope he will select wise constitutional conservatives to advise him. We must hold the GOP members of the House and Senate responsible for their own campaign promises, and make no mistake, the GOP must not squander this opportunity, or it will be over as a party. There’s no excuse left. They must act on border security, slashing the debt, tax reform, replacing ObamaCare, and bringing stability back to the business climate. The list is long, and the American people are no longer patient – nor should they be.

In the meantime, those of us in the household of faith should follow Scripture’s mandate and pray for all of those in authority over us. We must not our faith and trust in earthly leaders, but in the One who made them. Our faith must look beyond Washington, DC. No single man, woman, or political party can fix America. It begins with us, and we will not do it without God’s help.

Grassroots America will give Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled House and Senate the benefit of the doubt. We’ll cheer for them when they do the right thing, but we won’t accept more Big Government programs. This country needs a big dose of Constitutional limited government and personal responsibility. So if Big Government programs raise their ugly heads in a Trump agenda, Grassroots America will be there along with Heritage Action and other liberty lovers to say, “Not so fast.”  The last thing we can afford to do is look away from DC and leave them on their own.  We must be ever more vigilant to preserve liberty and set this country in a direction of economic freedom and opportunity for all.

Finally, thegutter, anti-Semitic, and racially tinged garbage language that came from the fringe who call themselves the “alt-right” must be called out. They have a First Amendment right to say it, but we won’t have any part of it. God will not bless a nation that traffics in hatred, so believers need to stand up straight and call it what it is.

Opportunities are straight ahead. Until then, Godspeed President-elect Trump. Godspeed.






In God We Trust,

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC