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The Hard Truth: “There comes a time when somebody, somewhere has to call out foolishness. This is such a time.”

There comes a time when somebody, somewhere has to call out foolishness. This is such a time.

Human beings with biological body parts that the Good Lord designated as male are men. Period.

Human beings with biological body parts that the Good Lord designated as female are women. Period.

Human beings who wake up at any given time who imagine that they are gender fluid – sometimes male and sometimes female – have issues the rest of us ought not to have to deal with, and most certainly should not have our young sons and daughters subjected to in restrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

We do not advocate hating these people or in any way hurting them, but it is a fact that there are craven, wicked, and yes, I said it, evil people who will pose as transgendered to perpetrate crimes – assaults on people in vulnerable, private situations.

There are also youthful, hormone-driven biological males and females, when given the license, will exploit the transgender issue to do what hormone-driven, immature human beings do, and every reader should get that without further explanation.

There are also secular humanists who do not believe in God, do not believe in absolute truth, do not believe there’s any such thing as right and wrong, and who believe that those of us who are of the household of faith and point to moral standards should just shut the heck up and keep it to ourselves. They are intent on forcing anyone who does not support their lifestyle to openly accept it by embracing it and participating in it. For those extremists, this has nothing to do with bathrooms. Nothing. It is about shutting down Christian speech and opposition to their lifestyle. You’d better embrace it or else. These are the people intent on pushing the transgender, no-gender agenda on little kids. That’s wrong.

Then, we’ve got the Texas Association of Business and the economic development folks who purport to speak for every small business owner. They say that business will be hurt if the Texas Privacy Act passes. Newsflash – some people actually care more about moral standards and believe if you throw in with the “anything goes” culture, all you will have is rot.

The Privacy Act would simply protect the safety, dignity, and privacy of all Texans in locker rooms, changing facilities, and bathrooms in public schools and other government buildings by requiring biological males to use male-only facilities or single stalls and the same for biological females. It would also protect private businesses from overreaching local ordinances that would force them to have all mixed gender bathroom facilities – even if it violated that business owner’s religious and moral beliefs.

Finally, we have some folks in the media who take this attitude: “Some Texas lawmakers need to get better – a lot better – about picking their battles. The bathroom bill is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, a waste of political capital legislators need for real issues, and a fight that will have no winners. If Texans are truly threatened by a wave of men entering women’s bathrooms for prurient purposes, there are already laws on the books to prosecute such cases. {Note: The prosecution takes place AFTER the assault. Try telling anyone who has been sexually assaulted that there are laws on the books to prosecute their assailant and see if that makes the hurt and damage go away.} … Supporters say it’s about public safety. So it’s fair to ask whether there truly is a safety issue. There isn’t. In an age of awareness of fake news, this is a fake issue.”

No safety issue? A fake issue, you say? Well, take a look at this very long list of reported “fake issues” that never happened.   Calling this a fake issue is foolishness. God knew what He was doing when he created male and female. He is the final authority for some of us.