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The Tea-Party Participant … Selected as WND’s 2009 “Person of the Year.”

The tea-party participant – the individual who is frustrated America’s leaders don’t seem to want to “preserve and protect” the republic and gives up his or her own time, talents and money to warn elected leaders to choose the straight and narrow – has been selected by WorldNetDaily editors as WND’s 2009 “Person of the Year.”

On the WND Forums pages where readers were asked to contribute their suggestions and comments, “Warsong” noted the impressive quality of nominees ranging from the hackers who uncovered what apparently was a scheme to cook global warming evidence to longtime conservative stalwart Rush Limbaugh and the dramatic leadership of former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.

“I vote for the tea parties,” Warsong wrote. “Unless we all become tea partiers and pull together, this Golden Age is doomed.”

Added “su87491,” “They gave their own time and resources to take it to the CONgress people on behalf of millions more that could not. I salute you.”

“AKMac” said, “There will no longer be a USA without US.”

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