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This Saturday – Stand Up for 2nd Amendment

Fellow Patriots: 

Two important messages today – 1) A chance for you to stand up for the Second Amendment & Liberty on Saturday, and 2) Liberal Republicans – yes, I said Republicans – in the Texas House say we should spend more and get used to ObamaCare.  See Michael Quinn Sullivan’s commentary below this Second Amendment Alert. 

1) Grassroots America hosts national Gun Appreciation Day event Saturday to support Second Amendment 

Texans love their guns and deeply value their Second Amendment rights. 

On Saturday, January 19, Grassroots America joins in the National Gun Appreciation Day and invites like-minded Second Amendment supporters to gather at Lock & Load to hear from local elected officials about gun control efforts, pick up a copy of the Constitution, and from there, visit the Lone Star Gun Show at the Harvey Hall Convention Center in Tyler. 

Time: 10 AM Saturday, January 19
Where: In front of Lock & Load Indoor Shooting Range – 3408 SSW Loop 323, Tyler (near Sweet Sue’s)

Grassroots America Executive Director JoAnn Fleming
Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith
State Senator Kevin Eltife
State Representative Matt Schaefer
U. S. Senator Ted Cruz’s East TX Director Jason Wright 

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us this Saturday!


Texans for Fiscal Responsibility


January 16, 2013

QUOTING… “Politicians are worse than thieves. At least when thieves take your money, they don’t expect you to thank them for it.”Walter Williams

Believe it not, a freshman Republican in the Texas House says opposition to ObamaCare was just “posturing” and will come to an end. Meanwhile, a senior Republican legislator isn’t so sure surplus tax dollars should be returned to the taxpayers.

Both pronouncements should remind Texas’ conservative grassroots majority why citizens’ daily engagement in the legislative process is critical if we’re to keep the Lone Star State shining bright.

Tax Branch
While Texas’ governor and lieutenant governor have been talking about cutting taxes this session, State Rep. Dan Branch of Highland Park — chairman of the the Higher Education Committee — is throwing cold water on the idea. He says lawmakers should be focused more on spending the state’s new-found revenues.

Mr. Branch wants to “look at the math” before committing to any tax relief. It’s not that he thinks the money isn’t there, it’s that he and others in the House want the state to spend more of your money.

He said “at some point you could have a state that has light regulation and low taxation but [you] can’t turn the lights on.” Despite the Obama-style scare tactic he is trying to employ, Mr. Branch knows better. The state is nowhere near, and no one is calling for, such nonsense.

Mr. Branch is rumored to have statewide political ambitions.

Tax Cutters
On the other hand, State Rep. Harvey Hilderbran of Kerville (who currently helms the House Ways & Means Committee) has said the budget written this spring should to allow for “very substantial tax relief for all Texas taxpayers”.

In the Senate, Craig Estes of Wichita Falls has proposed eliminating the state’s cumbersome and inefficient tax on business.

Late last week, Gov. Perry reiterated his call for tax cuts by saying: “The best use of the people’s money is to leave it in their hands.” That says it all, actually.

Learnin’ To Love ObamaCare?
While US Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made unraveling ObamaCare central to their 2012 activities, freshman Republican Jason Villalba of Dallas described GOP opposition as ‘posturing’ and says his party — and Gov. Rick Perry — will be more ‘reasonable’ this session on the federal takeover of medicine.

Mr. Villalba made his comments during a forum hosted by his law firm, Haynes & Boone, for their clients. The event featured he and his fellow Haynes & Boone lawyer, Democrat Rafael Anchia. According to law firm’s summary of the event, “both Villalba and Anchia predicted a softening of the governor’s hard line against setting up the federal Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges, now that repeal of that law is off the table.”

(One can only imagine what Gov. Perry thinks of a Democrat and a freshman Republican defining his legislative posture…)

Texas’ conservative lawmakers, like newly-elected House GOP Caucus chairman Brandon Creighton, have sided with conservatives in saying the state shouldn’t take ownership of the ObamaCare disaster. If the federal government wants to impose ObamaCare, they should do so without the aid and support of the Texas Legislature.

As Mr. Creighton said in July, “one thing we know is there most likely is no benefit in hurrying to implement this massive expansion” of the federal government. Of course, Mr. Villalba would say Mr. Creighton was just posturing in advance of an election…

Session Cessation
On a happier note, after gavelling into session on January 8, the Legislature is now taking the next seven days off. The House and Senate will get back to work on Wednesday, January 23. So relax; that’s seven days in which they won’t be spending your money or committing us to more ObamaCare headaches. 

Get Texans Engaged!
The issues being debated in Austin will shape the future of the Lone Star State for a generation to come. Make sure your neighbors, friends and family are informed and engaged!

For Texas!
Michael Quinn Sullivan
& the Team