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Trump/Cruz Houston Rally and Bus Info

Trump/Cruz Houston Rally and Bus Info

The rally location has changed!
The time is the same.
We’ve made the change with the charter buses.
New location:

Toyota Center
1510 Polk Street
Houston, TX 77002

Register Now 
Grassroots America’s Charter Buses 
to MAGA Rally with President Trump 
and US Senator Ted Cruz
If you plan to attend the rally and/or reserve a bus seat,
read carefully & keep this information.
The Grassroots America Team is VERY busy! 
We cannot field a bazillion calls, texts & emails 
on information we have already provided!

Monday, October 22, 2018
Arrive at 7:30 AM to check in & board. Departure is 8 AM.  Do NOT be late! 
ONLY location to board: Brookshire’s, Loop East Shopping Ctr,2734 E 5th St, Tyler

Cost is $50 per person. You must register & pay online.  We cannot hold seats to pay the morning of departure!  Don’t delay.  This is first come, first served!


You MUST provide an email address when you sign up.  That is where your seat reservation confirmation will be sent!  You must fill out all the information required to reserve a seat.  This information is required by law, not because we like asking questions!

Rally with President Trump & Senator Ted Cruz: 
Mon, October 22, 2018 in Houston, TX
Time rally starts:  06:30 PM
Rally location:  Toyota Center, 1510 Polk ST, Houston.

This event is hosted by the Trump campaign and will be secured by the Secret Service.  Expect to go through security screening to enter the event.
We do not know when the rally will end.  Why?  The President talks as long as he wants to, and the start time could be delayed due to the President’s schedule and/or Secret Service clearance for the area.  We estimate the end to be around 9:30 PM.  The Tri-City Charter buses will not leave the event until our bus coordinators give them the signal to leave.

Registration is required for this event. Your bus reservation DOES NOT reserve your entrance into the rally.  You must register for the rally yourself!
Step 1: Register for rally by clicking here and include your cell phone number.
Step 2: A confirmation text message will be sent to your phone. Please follow the instructions to confirm your ticket(s). You will not be registered until you verify by phone. The confirmation text message could take up to 2 hours to arrive.
Step 3: Show up early for President Trump and Ted!

General Information: No posters, banners, or signs may be brought into the event. There is no dress code, but please dress responsibly. No professional cameras with a detachable lens are permitted. No tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, or GoPros.

Finally, JoAnn will NOT be on one of the buses. She is required to be onsite early. 
For further questions, please email
All media inquiries about the rally should contact

In response to numerous calls, emails & texts, here are responses to frequently asked questions:
  1. Are we allowed to bring coolers and ice chests on the bus trip?  You may, but coolers will be stored in the outside baggage bays under the bus.  The buses will not stop until the destination is reached. You should bring a small, insulated bag or a couple of drinks with you that can be taken onboard.  Drinks should have screw top lids; no glass or cans! NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on the bus. NO smoking allowed, including vapor cigarettes. Secret service prohibits coolers inside the stadium.  Period.
  2. Will the bus stop for lunch before we get to Houston?  No. The ride down to the venue is about 3.25 hours. Bring snacks, but nothing messy!  No seeds!
  3. Are there restrooms on the bus?  Yes
  4. Will there be a security check going into the venue?  Of course. This is an event with the US President. The Secret Service is in charge of all security.  Volunteers will be helping guide you through the security check, but be prepared. Do not have anything on your person that might get you kicked out of line.
  5. May we leave our vehicle at the boarding location?  Yes, but do not park in front parking places!  Leave your vehicle parked in spaces that are the greatest distance from Brookshire’s storefront. You take a risk when you leave your vehicle at any public place.
  6. Can we have a sign-making party over the weekend? Wouldn’t do you any good. No signs are allowed to be brought into the stadium.  Only Trump Team-approved campaign signs will be distributed inside the stadium. If you bring a marker in to deface a campaign sign or change its message, you will invite trouble. If you bring in a folded up sign, you will definitely get into trouble.
  7. What time will the event be over?  President Trump talks as long as he wants.  Other officials are speaking, including – but not limited to – Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and Senator Cruz.  We estimate an end time of 9:30 PM, but can’t guarantee that.  A delay can be caused by delayed landing of Air Force One, a Secret Service-invoked delay, etc.  The buses will not leave you. The charter company will charge us for every hour over 11:55 PM arrival time back in Tyler. Please be timely making your way back to the bus.
  8. What if I forgot to register for the rally or forgot my ticket? You will have a long nap on the bus. We’ve said repeatedly that registering for the bus is NOT registering for the rally. Keeping up with your ticket is a personal responsibility.
  9. View a short safety Tri-City Charter bus video. Click here.
  10. Warning:  Anybody who signs up and rides a Grassroots America chartered bus is expected to behave with manners and civility – both on the bus and at the rally.  We do not bail anybody out of jail. Do not engage with protesters. That is the job of law enforcement.  Don’t be stupid and get baited into a situation that will be recorded and used to embarrass you, Grassroots America, the President and Senator Cruz.

We hope you will enjoy your trip
and the Make America Great Again Rally!