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1st Workshop 2014: Learn How to Fight Back!

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  “Tweet the VOTE” Workshop

  January 4, 2014, 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM

   University of Texas at Tyler, Room 2255, Lancaster Academic Wing, Herrington Patriot Center (click here to open a map to meeting room)

UPDATE:“Last call”! Have less than 15 seats left.  If you are still interested in attending, you need to email by Friday at noon with the completed form (bottom of page or at  Seats will be saved until 8:45 AM on Saturday and be released after that time.

First come, first served.  We cannot guarantee admission for those who have not pre-registered.  Show up at the door at your own risk of being turned away!

Hosted by University of Texas College Constitutional Conservatives
Provided courtesy of  Grassroots America: We the People and InvisiPact

Speakers: Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols, Social Media Expert Mr. Todd Rehm, and Oklahoma Representative Josh Crockroft 

Our opponents in the culture war, supported by the mainstream media, are skilled at presenting their version of reality, and it is winning them elections. Come learn how to fight back with the truth through social media.

In this hands-on workshop, Tim Echols, TeenPact Founder and Georgia Public Service Commissioner, along with Todd Rehm, Social Media expert, combine political strategy and social media to impact upcoming elections. What you learn hands-on at this workshop will provide you with a marketable business skill by which you can earn $10-$15 per hour at home. While a business model will be discussed as part of this workshop, the skills presented will also make you an invaluable campaign volunteer for candidates who share your values. 

Additionally, a session of special interest for campaign staff presented by Oklahoma State Representative Josh Cockroft will delineate how to best utilize youth activists to effectively impact campaigns.  Youth power, a rich source for grassroots campaigns, is a win-win strategy that has been used throughout the country. 

Alumni of TeenPact Leadership Schools, Patriot Academy, Generation Joshua, and campaign staff for current and prospective candidates are particularly encouraged to participate.  Businesses, ministries, and other organizations eager to reach new clients through social media will also benefit from this workshop. 

Cost is $10 for students, $39 for adults.  Price includes lunch.   A casual private party (all invited) with a reunion emphasis for alumni of TeenPact, Patriot Academy, and GenJ will follow the workshop on Saturday evening. (Details will be emailed or private messaged to registrants).

Host homes for students are available free of charge for lodging Friday and Saturday while the supply lasts. Contact Laura at  

All registrants should bring a laptop computer or iPad and a power cord.  Additionally, all registrants should open Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts prior to the workshop.  

To register, print, complete, and mail the registration form below along with check payable to GAWTP to c/o Baber, 10570 CR 2180, Whitehouse, TX 75791.

Space is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  RSVP by January 1, 2014.  Host home housing available.  Contact Laura at for more information. 

If you would like to provide financial assistance for this workshop, please contact Janet at 903-253-4189 for more information.

REGISTRATION FORM (print, complete, and mail) 

Tweet the VOTE! by InvisiPact

University of Texas at Tyler, Room 2255

Lancaster Academic Wing, Herrington Patriot Center

Hosted by University of Texas College Constitutional Conservatives

Commissioner Echols and Mr. Rehm provided courtesy of

InvisiPact and Grassroots America: We the People 

Yes!  Register me for the “Tweet the VOTE” workshop by InvisiPact, January 4, 2014, 9AM-3PM, Tyler, Texas.  Enclosed is my check payable to GAWTP,  $10 for students, $39 for adults suggested donation.  Attire casual.  Mail with registration form to “Tweet the VOTE”, c/o Baber, 10570 CR 2180, Whitehouse, TX 75791 




Address_________________________________________City______________ State______ Zip______________

Phone number_____________________________________

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Place of employment________________________________

Name of business___________________________________

Job title_____________________________________________

I am a student   Yes_____   No_____


I need host-home housing in the Tyler area:   Yes_______   No_______

Contact Laura at for more information.


I plan to attend the private party following the event, Saturday, January 4, 6-10PM: 

Yes_______  No________

(Details will be emailed to registrant.)


Registration is limited and filled on first-come, first-served basis.  RSVP by January 1, 2014. For more information, phone 903-253-4189.

Where applicable, a political advertisement paid for by the GAWTP PAC, PO Box 130012,Tyler, TX 75713.