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update – Cold Feet on ObamaCare Repeal

To help you debunk and push back against the spin and excuse-making already underway by some GOP wafflers and key Trump advisors who say it may  “take years to repeal and replace ObamaCare,” here’s the best information available anywhere from our friends at

How to Repeal All of Obamacare by Inauguration

Republicans have promised voters a full repeal of Obamacare since 2010, when the health care law was first passed. In fact, since Republicans took control of the House in 2011, Congress voted over 60 times to repeal parts or all of the law. Republican congressional leadership and President-elect Donald Trump have all promised to repeal the law.


There are no more excuses to be had. The Republican-controlled Congress has every tool that it needs to overcome any and all obstacles that stand in the way of fully repealing Obamacare. Now that voters have given Republicans control of the House, Senate, and the White House, this campaign promise can and must quickly become reality and the American people should hold them, and President-elect Trump, accountable for delivering on that promise. Read more.      

JoAnn says, “I’m getting a bad feeling about this – a sense of de ja vu – like we’ve read this book before, and it doesn’t end well for the American people! If we go a full year into the new administration and have no repeal of ObamaCare, Senators will want to save the issue to run on for re-election! And more years go by as they find another excuse to drag this out! Hello, the American people are sick of delay, delay, delay! What the heck has the GOP been doing all this time? Good grief!”

Heritage Action sound plan is to REPEAL first, followed by aggressive action steps to stabilize the private market for the upcoming 2018 plan cycle, clearing the way for states to implement free market solutions as they reclaim from the federal gov’t authority over health insurance markets. Read it here & share it!

1) Share on FB & Twitter. Click here to download graphics to share with the #FullRepeal message.

2) Call US Sen. John Cornyn (F-rated by Conservative Review & Heritage Action) to tell him to keep his promise to Texans and fight to fully repeal ObamaCare to get government out of our health care business! DC Office:  202-224-2934; Tyler office: 903-593-0902; Dallas: 972-239-1310. Find your area’s district office phone number.  Just click here. Get him on Twitter @JohnCornyn

3) Send a website message to A-rated US Sen. Ted Cruz that you support REPEAL NOW; click here. To call Sen. Cruz’s DC office and his local office in your area, scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking here to find the phone numbers. Get him on Twitter @TedCruz

4) Contact A-rated US Rep. Louie Gohmert to let him know you want REPEAL NOW. DC Office (202) 225-3035; Tyler Office (903) 561-6349; Longview Office (903) 236-8597. Find other numbers by clicking here. Get him on Twitter @replouiegohmert

5) Gohmert not your US Rep? Find your US House member; click here. Call to say you want ObamaCare REPEALED NOW! To see your US House member’s report card, click here and here.