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UT CCC Event

Location: University Center Theater (just inside main [east] entrance to the University Center)  Parking in Lot P15 (west of Herrington Patriot Center gymnasium and tennis courts; enter via Lake Drive off of Spur 248—University Blvd.)  This is the campus theater site where Pastor C. L. Bryant spoke back in February. 

Admission is free and open to all

What: Film screening hosted by the UT Tyler College Constitutional Conservatives.

The film is a documentary titled, “Agenda. Grinding America Down,” written, produced and directed by Curtis Bowers, former Idaho state representative. The 93-minute film was awarded the Jubliee Grand Prize at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. 

The home web site for the film is

For a review of the documentary, see:  Independent Christian Review 

Mission of the UT Tyler College Constitutional Conservatives: To promote understanding of and support for America’s foundational principles, especially those expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other writings of the Founders — the foremost being the principles of:  rights given by the Creator to all persons, individual liberty, and limited government.