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Vote Liberty First!

Grassroots America says…
 when you vote, vote Liberty First! 

 JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director – Grassroots America 

The rise of the constitutional conservative movement confounds pundits and status-quo defenders in both parties.

Fiercely devoted to liberty and to those who defend it, the Liberty Movement believes citizens should strive to protect the foundations of liberty from all enemies – both foreign and domestic. This conviction compels citizens from all walks of life to study our nation’s founding documents and the first principles, which served as the underpinnings of our Liberty.

A deeper understanding of these principles has shaped the movement; thus, a war looms between constitutional conservatives and those accustomed to advancing projects through “legal plunder.” Since some Republicans favor this approach as much as any Democrat, the battle will be intense. We already see it at the national, state, and local level as collectives of “big business interests” declare war on the TEA party movement.

Frederic Bastiat, a political economist (1801-1850), defined legal plunder as when “…the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong.” He advised such a law be abolished immediately, for if allowed to remain, it would “spread, multiply, and develop into a system.”

Today’s established system of legal plunder may at times champion noble causes, but whether in the form of subsidies, earmarks, or legislation serving “regional/local interests,” legal plunder is an attack on Liberty. With chains of debt and government dependence, it steals tomorrow’s freedom and opportunity. Legal plunder helps a centralized political class pick winners and punish losers. Access to the plunder is based on how big the business interest is and how much money it can afford and is willing to pay to grease the political machine for a protected place at the feeding trough. That’s not free market. That’s not freedom.

With $17+ trillion accumulating in federal debt, state debt rising, state spending up 26%, and local property tax burden rising, we cannot afford officials who game the system to advance local/regional interests beyond basic protections of life, liberty, property and constitution-defined duty. The bottom line – we cannot afford Santa Claus politicians or lumps of clay willing to be shaped and molded into whatever the establishment wants. 

We the People must assume the responsibility to dismantle the system of legal plunder that enables special “Big Business” interests to pick the pockets of our children and grandchildren. As Senator Cruz says, “Big Business is the friend of Big Government.” Big Government is an enemy of Liberty. Free market principles advance Liberty. Special interests, cloaked in feel good “community first” rhetoric, are a threat to that Liberty.

When you vote in the March Primary, vote liberty first.


  Vote Matt Schaefer – A Mature, Independent, Principled Fighter.  

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Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Isaiah 5:20