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We Frame the Austin Debate in Two Ways

For Immediate Release, Friday, January 13, 2017

Tyler, Smith County, East TexasGrassroots America – We the People PAC, one of the largest constitutional conservative organizations in Texas, announced its participation in framing the top pro-taxpayer, pro-liberty conservative priorities for the 85th Texas legislative session in two important ways.

First, Grassroots America has released a list of its own legislative priorities – a robust list of conservative reforms, which the organization’s executive director says represents opportunities for Texas to lead. [The full list of Grassroots America’s legislative priorities can be seen here.]

JoAnn Fleming: “These priorities are not new. They have been conservative priorities for the last several legislative sessions. Lasting property tax reform, banning sanctuary cities, closing the social safety net to illegal aliens, passing e-verify to ensure that jobs go to citizens and legal workers, solving the public school finance issue, paying cash for highways rather than with tolls and debt – the list goes on. Our common goal has been to make Texas strong so that her liberty-loving character and entrepreneurial spirit can help lead a troubled nation looking for answers.

We therefore question why the GOP leadership continues to squander its majorities in the Texas House, Senate, and all statewide offices by failing to pass these conservative reforms session after session – reforms that are found in the GOP platform! Frankly, we are tired of politicians who keep these issues around to raise campaign funds, but when it comes to getting results, they are nowhere near the front lines.”


In addition to declaring its own legislative priorities, Grassroots America is also part of a powerful coalition of the state’s largest grassroots organizations, which released the 10 state-level policy initiatives they will use in determining the success of the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature. [The coalition’s full list can be seen here.]

The conservative coalition includes Texas Right to Life, Texas Values Action, Texas Eagle Forum, Grassroots America, Direct Action Texas, Concerned Women for America, Empower Texans, Conservative Republicans of Texas, the Texas Home School Coalition, and the NE Tarrant Tea Party.

The opening statement to the coalition’s legislative priorities list reveals they believe the time has come for excuse making by the Texas Republican leadership to be over:


“The majority of elected state legislators believes in and has committed to the principles of

limited government, ethical standards, individual liberty, economic freedom, and transparent,

high-quality, efficient, and effective services for taxpayers. With a majority-Republican legislature

and all-Republican statewide leadership, the success of the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature

is dependent on the passage of ALL the following protections for all Texans—born and unborn.”


Instituted in 2009 in Smith County, Texas, Grassroots America has become a major political force in East Texas and has garnered statewide influence due to its legislative work. Grassroots America’s mission is to organize, educate, and inform citizens about public policy and to support the election of candidates who share the core values of protection and advancement of God-given liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, the rule of law, and national and state sovereignty.