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Welcome JoAnn Back Dec. 16


Note an earlier start time for Friday, Dec. 16 – final meeting of 2016!

You voted for a special time for Christmas fellowship! Don’t miss it!


Let’s welcome JoAnn back (after being away almost a month helping her Dad recover).

11 AM – Noon: Pizza & drink $6.00 per person

Bring your favorite cookies or a dessert to share if you’d like!

Then, a special program with JoAnn follows!


From Noon – 1 PM:  Our Executive Director JoAnn Fleming will present The Austin Cartel & Tall Tales about Texas. This brand new, hard-hitting presentation explodes several political myths – such as “Texas is the most fiscally conservative, financially sound, pro-life and pro-gun state in the union.” Is it?

This eye-opening, jaw-dropping expose´ lays out the important reforms we’re already pushing for the 85th TX legislative session, which starts in January.

Nobody says it straight quite like JoAnn! She’ll tell us why we must not allow the Texas Governor, Lt. Governor and the state legislature to squander a GOP-controlled White House and Congress! This happened when Bush was President and the GOP controlled Congress!

What did we get for all that “conservative” representation? A wide-open southern border, no Medicaid waiver to run that costly program Texas-style, and no end to federal oversight of our elections!

The defeat of Hillary Clinton should mean it’s time to move Texas and the nation back to Constitutional, limited government – back to freedom. No more excuses!


Get your jingle on!

Get on out to Grassroots America’s last meeting of the year!

Let’s reminisce a bit and talk about 2016 – local, state & national changes.