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Inauguration Live-streamed + Friday with Tesla

Inauguration update for Friday: Grassroots America’s Advance Team Leader

Jack Short plans to live stream the Inauguration before our meeting starts.

He’ll start the televised event around 10:45 AM  You won’t miss a thing!


Free markets:  marketplace competition unrestricted by government; “opportunity for all – favoritism for none,” a limited government principle that seeks to eliminate special interests, cronyism, and central planning of the economy by any government.

Tesla’s Coming to Grassroots America with a Model S

Why? Because Texas – widely advertised by politicians as

“Wide Open for Business” – really isn’t.

Conservatives say they believe in free markets.

Special interest lobbyists fight competition.

Let’s talk about it!

To learn more about what American auto manufacturer Tesla is doing to reform the auto industry’s anti-free market regulations, join us for an inside look at how these archaic laws impact you and why a concept known as “direct sales” will help grow the Texas economy, spur innovation, and benefit Texas consumers.

WHEN:    Friday, January 20, 2017

TIME:      11:30 – 1:00 PM (Special announcements 11:30 – noon; presentation at noon)

WHERE:  Lakeview Church of the Nazarene, 10818 University Blvd. (Spur 248) in Tyler. Don’t mind the construction. The driveway is open! Look for our sign!

Kevin Thompson of Public Blueprint will be the speaker. He and a Tesla technical specialist will bring a Tesla Model S to the meeting for showing before and after the presentation.

No cost to attend. Public & media welcome. Bring lunch or purchase Subway sandwich on site.

RESOURCES to educate…

The following links provide interesting reading to help you understand the “lay of the land” in this battle between free market principles and special interests.

Houston Chronicle – Tesla vs. Texas Dealerships Explained

Empower Texans – Texas Wide Open for Some Businesses

Why Auto Dealer Associations Oppose Tesla

How Money and Politics Crushed Tesla in Texas

Texas Auto Dealers Receive Tesla-Sized Dent from Delegates at State GOP Convention

Grassroots America works to expose failures in political leadership that impair sound public policy and lead to government expansion and a loss of freedom. Conversely, Grassroots America publicly supports and defends political leadership that works to restrict government to its constitutional limits, thus advancing individual liberty for all. What are you waiting for? Join us!